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Samsung NX11

Monday 12 September 2011


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The basics

The NX11 is Samsung's latest take on the compact system camera, slotting in between regular compact cameras and DSLRs. It features a similar design to the latter, along with a large APS-C 14.6-megapixel sensor, yet it's considerably smaller – albeit still not pocket-sized. With an impressive design, and great quality images, it's worth a look.

The good

Even if you're just stepping up from a simple point and shoot camera, you'll find the Samsung NX11 easy to use. The menus are intuitive and fast, and there's nothing intimidating about the NX11 at all. The Samsung NX11 is also one of the nicer compact system cameras currently on sale. It uses a APS-C sensor – as with Sony's NEX – rather than the Micro Four Thirds sensor found in lots of rivals, but the results are pretty impressive. We particularly like the design of the Samsung NX11, which looks just like a tiny DSLR. It's still not quite pocket sized, but the smaller dimensions and weight – especially with the lenses – will come in particularly handy for those carrying a number of lenses around simultaneously. Quality is also good, with an ergonomically shaped rubber hand grip, and tactile textured plastics used for the body. The same sense of quality stretches to the lenses as well. The NX11 impresses when it comes to image quality, with excellent colour reproduction on offer. Although photographs aren't a world away from the NX10, you can have much faster access to manual controls, thanks to the new i-Function lens. With a button on the lens itself, you'll be able to flick through the most important settings at the tap of a finger, with the ability to adjust aperture, shutter speeds and ISO speeds simply by turning the focus ring on the lens.

The bad

Owners of the older Samsung NX10 will be disappointed to see such a familiar design, with very few changes between the two cameras. It's definitely a case of [a small] evolution rather than revolution, and in this case it's not worth upgrading – especially as the new i-Function lens will also work with the older camera.

The bottom line

The Samsung NX11 is an excellent little camera. We'd still be tempted to take a proper DSLR like the Canon EOS 600D when it comes to image quality, but the NX11 has enough in its armoury – such as the neat styling, compact dimensions and impressive quality – that's it's still bound to tempt many buyers. In comparison to other compact system cameras, it's definitely an appealing choice, proving easy to use, desirable and a great all-rounder.
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