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Fuji FinePix S200EXR

Tuesday 16 March 2010


Rating of 3

The basics

The FinePix S200EXR is a bridge camera that’s built to look like a Digital SLR (DSLR). It’s packed with features from the 12MP Super CCD EXR sensor and 14.3x optical zoom lens down to its super-intelligent flash and anti-blur technology. You can frame and review images using the colour viewfinder and 2.7in LCD screen and get creative with Pro Focus and Pro Low-light modes, which help when shooting portraits, close-ups and in poorly illuminated situations.

The good

With a chunky handgrip, lots of separate buttons and controls, a focus ring and a zoom ring on the lens, the S200EXR looks and handles like a DSLR. These manual functions allow you to shape and control shots and make grabbing great-looking, tightly zoomed images really easy. The EXR sensor has the capacity to double its pixels when it gets dark or in low-light conditions. This reduces picture noise and helps deliver detailed night-time pictures – on occasion even without the flash.

The bad

Most disappointing was the S200EXR’s feeble video results. Despite being able to shoot movie clips, the camera’s resolution is limited to just 640x480 (VGA) quality – a long way from the levels of high-definition. On playback our movies had poor clarity and inaccurate colours. Sound can only be recorded in mono, too.

The bottom line

The FinePix S200EXR has a practical design that’s closer to DSLR cameras than many of its rivals and it’s good fun to use for stills photography. Sadly, the underwhelming video performance renders this particular feature more of an intriguing novelty than a useful function, and overall it lets the camera down.
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Bob Turner

Why did you choose this camera in your comparison? There are the Fuji S1730 (Argos £135) and the Fujifilm S2500HD (Argos £180) bridge cameras which both record in HD 720p. So by choosing this camera and then marking it down because of its low resolution video you skewed the result to the Sony camera. I don't own a S2500HD, I only have a S1000fd which records video in VGA but I would bet that the S2500HD at £180 is much better value for money than the Sony.

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Liz Martin

Having had a Fuji digital camera that broke after 2 years giving pictures with venetian blinds I wouldn't buy another one. The cost of repair was the same cost as buying the camera in the first place!

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Ray Worthington

I have had this camera now for over a year and think it is a very good bridge camera. Video is the last thing that i would buy a still camera for. I have various cameras of all makes, this one is also reliable, low cost and when using the exr in low light it is delightful. Fuji are good cameras, if i had know years ago how good they are i would have had reservations about upgrading to higher speck cameras.

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