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Canon EOS 7D

Tuesday 19 January 2010


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The basics

The Canon EOS 7D is the latest high-spec “prosumer” model in Canon’s DSLR camera range, delivering impressive features like 1080p video, 8fps continuous shooting and an 18.1-megapixel sensor in a tough, weatherproof body. A camera for serious photographers.

The good

As soon as you pick it up, it’s clear that the Canon EOS 7D means business. It’s big, heavy, sturdy and packed with dials and buttons. For the well-versed in DSLR photography, the Canon EOS 7D is a dream to use. While Nikon and Sony’s user interfaces may be slightly easier to use, once you’ve got to grips with it you’ll be switching settings quickly and easily. It also comes with a new 19-point autofocus system which can be set to either lock to a single point or a “zone” of the viewfinder. And the photos? Well, while the Canon EOS 7D uses an 18.1-megapixel crop sensor rather than the huge 21-megapixel full frame sensor of the 5D MkII, it serves up fantastic results for moving subjects, sports, wildlife and so on. Detail, colour, dynamism are all strong, and high ISO shots don’t suffer from too much noise. Video is impressive too, much more so than on the Nikon D300S. You can capture full HD 1080p material at 24 or 25 fps, and 720p at 50fps; there are full manual controls; and there’s a socket allowing you to attach an external stereo mic. Video quality is superb, even in low light conditions – and as with all DSLRs you can achieve eye-poppingly beautiful shots with a movie-like short depth of field.

The bad

It’s certainly not a camera for the DSLR beginner, as the amount of manual options on offer will only serve to confuse. There is a fully auto mode, naturally, but why spend £1,250 on a DSLR and treat it like a point and shoot? We'd also have like to have seen a full frame option, especially at this price.

The bottom line

We could go on forever about the Canon EOS 7D’s features and versatility, but suffice to say: if you’re looking for a top class all-round performer and aren’t too concerned with going full-frame, this is currently the best body around.
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