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Kodak PlaySport Zx3

Friday 27 August 2010


Rating of 4

The basics

Styled for more adventurous shooters, the Kodak Playsport is waterproof to three metres and has a rough, tough-looking design. It captures movies at Full HD (1920x1080) and grabs stills at 5MP. Content is recorded to SD or SDHC card and you can frame and replay the footage you take on the Playsport’s 2in LCD screen. There’s also room for a 4x zoom and face-detection mode.

The good

This is a good-value camera and one that delivers decent levels of detail, accurate colours and sharp focusing. It’s easy to use, quick to record, and is YouTube-friendly, too, offering a simple and straightforward way of uploading and sharing your clips. The design makes it feel rugged, and yes, it copes admirably with a dunking in water.

The bad

There’s not too much to criticise the Playsport for, as it’s generally a fresh and fun camcorder/camera. We didn’t really rate it’s low-light performance, which was a bit murky and the 4x zoom felt ‘sticky’ when we wanted it to be smooth.

The bottom line

The Playsport ticks a lot of positive boxes: we liked the design and loved the quality on most of what we recorded. A bigger screen and improved zoom would add further kudos, but we definitely rated this pocket-sized shooter’s all-round game.
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Bill Tapp

Just watched the recent Gadget Show review of the Flip HD, Sanyo VPC-CS1 and Koadak Playsport camcorders. As with the previous reviews of similar devices about a year ago an important technical limitation was ignored. Mention was made at some point about the ability of the cameras to shoot at 60 frames per second. Very impressive, you might think, but if you go to the manufacturers` websites and look into the specifications of these gadgets what you find is that a lot of them will only work at 30 or 60 frames per second. Fine for the USA or Japan (where a lot of these designs come from) but useless for Europe and many other parts of the world where 25 or 50 frames per second is the tv standard. Even more puzzling is that they do offer a PAL tv output to your tv set, presumably converting the tv signal to PAL from its NTSC origins within the camcorder. These camcorders may be okay for uploading your efforts onto YouTube but if you wanted to edit your video for use on a PAL standard DVD you`ll be looking at an unsatisfactory conversion job in the editing process.

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Great camera had it 4 months now and all the picture's and HD video's I have taken have been excellent. It is also easy to use and having used it underwater recently on a coral reef the results were fantastic.

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Took one of these on holiday to Egypt and I couldnt fault it! I used it to film lots of underwater footage whilst diving and the image quality is excellent. Its very simple to use and its one touch record function is great for when you want immediate recording. The only downside is the battery life, although this may be down to me as I didnt give it a ful charge before its first use! All in all, Im very impressed with the Playsport!

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paul friend

I purchased one for my son, he like to edit his videos, is there any free software available for him to try. thanks

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Been looking at these was going for the Flip but then saw the Bloogie as I had alot of pulse points could get one of those for nothing, but then I checked this out on Utube some fellow had all 3 going next to each other and the kodak was far the best for picture, it had a zoom which flip hasent, and in the dark it was the best, and there is a lot of editing software with it, and its very pleaseing to the eye the flip is more like a TOY maybe a bit easyer to use,but if you rember when Gadgetshow done the stunt with Suzi it did not do still shots so they had to go through it to get the right part, the other have the still shot great, just got to chose the colour, best price seen around £85 a lot cheaper than flip.

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got it for xmas and have been taking loads of videos in amazing 720p or 1080p HD! When watching the videos back I can't believe that there is so much quality in such a small pocket video recorder. The sports feature is also really great as the lens can re-focus with ease and it makes great HD sport videos! The under water feature is also high standards and look really good when you watch them on a TV! The kodak playsport is so easy to use with mainly 4 buttons to operate it. Once pressing the on button it takes around 1.5 seconds before loading up, all you have to do then is press one button to start recording, it is bega fast!!! Unbelivable for its price too!! All videos shot look so professional, so overall the Kodak is an amazing gadget!! 10/10!!! :D

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Matt Allsop

Great camera, awesome full HD (1080p) recording quality. Going skiing soon and i'm going to use it as my device for recording, as the quality is unbeatable for the price! The build quality is good as well "feel and looks well made", the frame by frame photo grabing feature is good, as well but it won't replace your Digital stills camera. (remember to take the stills camera on an outing as well!) The sound quality is standard and picks up most voices and sound, the voom is not that good but it's not meant for extreme homing in on the wildlife, it's for extreme activities and short zooming up on subjects. all in all i'd rate it 9 out of 10, because Kodak have the potential to take the design further and make a super sonic all rounder high resoulution stills and HD recording pocket sized Camera!!! Would recommend to use on any holiday and for sporty people as this camera can bare all the elements as well!!!

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As everyone else says, this is a great camera. I've had it for about 6 months now and taken it on a couple of holidays, it's easy enough to use and great video quality. Being waterproof makes it sand proof as well so great on the beach. Great spot gadget show. Thanks

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Luke demot

I have had this camera since last september i use it alot for allsorts E.g. offroading on quads, diving and videoing bmx ect. and it is an amazing camera but unlike alot of MODERN cameras it lacks the ability to attach a fish eye lens, but whilst i have found 3 they are either cheep nasty chinese products or £1 rubber toys called jell lenses

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This is a brilliant Digi Cam, it nice to have a bit of kit that does survive if you drop it! Amazon is still the cheapest place to get it -

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