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GoPro HD Hero 2 Motorsports Edition

Monday 09 January 2012


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The basics

The GoPro HD Hero 2 Motorsports Edition is the latest edition of the extreme sports fans favourite video and stills mini-digital camera. Supplied in the box with the Motorsports Edition comes a waterproof housing, which is ideal for depths up to 60 metres, there are also various mounting, such as the suction cup for mounting to your car, along with J-hook Buckle, a 3-way pivot arm and various flat and curved adhesive mounts for loading the camera to your helmet, frame or other paraphernalia. It delivers a 1080p video recording with an ultra-wide 170 degree viewing angle, so it can pick up all the full effect of the territory you’re driving or riding through, while you’ll find that faster time lapse photography and burst shooting at 10fps, as well as a new 11MP censor mean still images are improved too.

The good

The big change with the GoPro HD Hero 2 is that it will now handle Full HD with ease, while the previous model only dealt with 720p. This means getting high-quality footage when out and about is easy. The design of the GoPro HD Hero 2 camera is pretty much the same as the older version, sharing the same dimensions and even the same high-quality body finish. This means you’ll be able to use it with your older accessories and all the mounts compatible with the range. We love how compact it feels and the no-fuss design means you can simply slot it into it mountings and away you go. The design is simple, slot in the re-chargeable battery, add a high-capacity SD card and you’re ready to take to the road. Using the GoPro HD Hero 2 is easy, on the front you’ll find a menu button for switching between video and stills shots, as well as defining settings, such as using the time lapse mode, or burst shots. To start recording simply press the button on the top of the camera and away you go. There are red LED lights that flash to show you’re in record mode, so you need never worry whether it’s filming or not. Syncing the GoPro HD Hero 2 up to your laptop is simple as the USB cable opens and allows you to share the files with ease. If you want to hook it up to your HD TV, there is also a HDMI-put port, but you’ll need to add your own cable. Overall, we found image quality to be pretty amazing, both in Video and Stills mode.

The bad

We’re accustomed to instant playback of video and photos from our digital cameras but with so little space to play with, you won’t find this the case here. The rather limited number of buttons also makes scrolling through the Menu system a little laborious and not something you want to try when out and about, as it can be quite fiddly. Yes, we love the Full HD video and boosting the Stills camera from 5MP to 11MP is also a nice step forward but if you already own a GoPro HD Hero there is little else here to make you want to upgrade. That is, unless having the latest gadget isn’t enough!

The bottom line

The GoPro HD Hero 2 Motorsports Edition takes what we already knew about this extreme mini-camera and ramps it up, giving the motor enthusiast everything they need to get out there and record what they’re doing for posterity. The whole kit is well built, looks great and really captures the feel of the great outdoors.
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C'mon guys, I am an avid fan of the show, live and TV and I bought this on your recommendation. But But BUT! GoPro are taking liberties with the App to support the camera. You identified the failings and they promoted the solution in their sales bumf but but BUT! they are failing to deliver. Maybe a nudge from you guys might get them in gear, mention their poor custmer service while your there. Go on kick their BUTT!! Sorry girls cannot mention your best assets, ran out of butts.

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Clive Rumbold

I bought one new and had major problems with the film freezing. We had purchased the right SD card as this was an important factor highlighted by the company we bought it from. It appears they have a known problem for this camera freezing and have links on how to resolve the fault on their website. I followed the links to upgrade firmware - this did not resolve the problem. It was sent back to GoPro who said they could not repair it. I was very disappointed as this was a brand new camera and had only been used once. We have been offered a credit not and advised that the stockist cannot offer a replacement as they have been discontinued. I would not recommend GoPro

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Margaret Ferguson

I am interested in purchasing 2 x Gopro Hp Hero 2 cameras as seen on your show. Your link takes me to the PC World website but unfortunately this does not have the camera. Can you tell me how I can purchase this camera. many thanks

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