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LG 9kg Steam Direct Drive

Monday 15 December 2008


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The basics

The stylish black LG washer has a A++ energy rated washing machine has a massive 9kg load capacity, and a large 35cm door making loading and unloading very easy. You also get all the benefits of steam washing including less ironing, better wash results and lower running costs. Other great features include out of balance spin protection, a detergent save feature, and automatic water level control. It measures 600x640x842mm and weighs 65kg.
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Fantastic very quiet washing machine

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LG have just released the first 11kg capacity washing machine! It's the biggest capacity in it's class as well as being quieter than your average machine (thanks to the direct drive) Read more about it here

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Kev White

I've had the earlier version with the standard size door since 2007. Rather sadly I bought it mainly because the rotary control felt so classy and I could get it in black! I've spent a lot of time in Korea and had no qualms about quality or reliability, the steam setting is fantastic. Did I mention that it's really quiet, washes and spins well and looks really cool? Well it does all of the above!

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great washing machine, very quiet. the steam function is great for refreshing clothes, coats, curtains, quilts etc.

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