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Breville TT68 Toaster

Tuesday 23 September 2008


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The basics

The Breville Blue Ice 2 Slice is a sleek toaster that comes with 2 slicers, a high lift toasting carriage, a crumb tray as well as defrost, toast and Cancel settings. With its contemporary crystal clear design and blue illumination, this toaster will surely be a perfect addition to any kitchen.
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Daniel Maddison

exactly what has that got to do with how good a toaster is?

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I wanna buy this but all prices I see are over £40. Where can I get this for only £28.10???

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best price i found is at pixmania for £39.78

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Got a similar model from It was however a refurbished one though it worked perfectly. The only problem was that I could not send it as a present as originally planned, the box was in an awful state.

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I had one of these toasters. Great at toasting but the LED cluster showing the browning number started failing until only one segment was left. As the control is digital it rendered a good toaster useless. This would have been an easy repair, except the unit is built with rivets in places, so taking it apart will break it.

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