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Dyson DC44 Animal

Wednesday 12 September 2012


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The basics

The latest in its Digital Slim range, the Dyson DC44 Animal is the vacuum giant’s latest handheld offering. It’s a delight to use, more colourful than any household dust buster has the right to be, and packed with innovative features.

The best bit though, is the weight and shape. This little sucker is light enough to wield with one hand, and so svelte it’ll clean places you never even knew were dusty. Ever dusted your ceiling or vacuumed a picture rail? Now you can, and it’s immensely satisfying watching the fluff fly in. Overall, the Dyson DC44 has done the impossible: it’s made cleaning fun.

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The good

Of course you hate cleaning. Even as you size up your next high-tech dust-gobbler, the prospect of cleaning the house leaves your eyes rolling and your mind wandering. But stop right there: the Dyson DC44 Animal will change your ways.

Roaming the house without cables, sucking up offending debris with a swift flick of an actual trigger, and powering up the DC44’s MAX turbo mode (complete with extra LED light) is innately satisfying. The first time the Dyson DC44 Animal ran low on battery, we were actually disappointed it meant a temporary halt was being called to our cleaning run. Disappointed. Not secretly glad we could skip our chores a few minutes earlier. It’s an emotion alien to most and genuinely, this is life-changing.

Everything about the Dyson DC44 Animal oozes fun. The bright purple hue of its casing. The ‘clunk-click’ holster-like wall mount which makes you feel you’re suiting up for a battle against grime. The swooping, gliding action of the Dyson Ball-infused floor attachment. It’s as if Dyson’s engineers tapped into the very epicenter of our brain’s fun receptors, and cracked the code to make them tingle every time.

The bad

As we’ve mentioned, the whole shebang is battery powered. It means you’re free to tackle dust wherever it hides, and Dyson is very proud of its cutting-edge nickel cobalt manganese battery, which delivers powerful suction for up to 20 minutes between charges. In reality though, that’s just enough for some light cleaning. A room or two. Maybe a hallway if you’re lucky, but if you’ve got tons of rooms or need to give the skirting boards more than a weekly tickle, you’re likely to be frustrated quite often.

Of course, you can swap the battery half way through for a marathon cleaning session pushing closer to an hour, but beware that an additional power pack will cost you extra, and the Dyson DC44 Animal flat out refuses to run while connected to its mains charger.

If you don’t fancy the outlay on a spare battery, there’s no choice but to wait for the cleaner to ready itself for round two, and with recharge times of around five hours, you’ll have plenty of time to watch the dust settle in between outings.

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The bottom line

Limited runtime, a small capacity dustbin, and a refusal to run when connected to the mains: These would all be deal-breakers for most home help gadgets, but the very nature of the Dyson DC44 neatly sidesteps them. It’s so much fun to use, and so rewarding after you’ve done so, you’ll find yourself reaching for it more often. Therefore, doing fewer large-scale cleans.

Dyson’s genius has made us proud to pummel dust out of the pelmets, eager to ease its nozzle between the sofa cushions, and even keen to kick new life into dirty old doormats. We’re now cleaning several times a week, rather than once, when nagged long enough to do so.

Dyson DC44 Animal, we salute you. You’ve done more than clean our house, you’ve ushered in a new attitude to indoor cleanliness. And we haven’t even bought that extra battery.

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james thom


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I like it but would like more imformation on spec's ie, cost, running time on one charge, cost of spare battery.

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LOL!!!! you must be mad to buy this for 5hrs charge and only 20mins of use, waste of money, if Dyson really want it to be cordless and last longer, they should incorporate a petrol motor on to it, LOL then atleast it would last longer :))))))

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We have a DC24 for the weekly clean & a DC35, the lower powered sister to the 44, for everyday whizzing around picking up dog hairs & other detritus. The DC35 does a marvellous job of these daily cleanups & is a joy to use both on carpets & hard floors. At £279, compared to the web price of the DC35 @ £190, I'd need convincing that the extra power of the 44 would be worth an extra £89 as the 35 does such a fantastic job, but if this were my first Dyson cordless, I wouldn't hesitate. Both are brilliant machines & either will change your life if you like to keep the house clean. We have a large house & the 35 will get around 3-4 rooms before running out of power. Buy it direct from Dyson & you can even return it for a full refund if you don't like it, but you won't!!!

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It's a great bit of kit always ready 20 min runtime which is fine most of the time well balanced great attachments, well built and fantastic customer service 2 year gtee also there AM04 fan heater is also fantastic got a good deal from there customer services £259.99 rather than 299.99 from other stores

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Just bought one at the Comet closing down sale. Reduced by 20% from the (seemingly national standard) price of £279.98, down to £223.99. Also picked up a few different attachment tools for it, since they were also reduced & are normally far too over-priced. If you're thinking of doing the same, hurry, because Comet's remaining stock was selling out fast - unless they plan to keep re-stocking, now that they suddenly have so many customers at their door! Oh, & I just love vacuuming now (I nearly said "Hoovering" then. Old habits die hard.)

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Just bought one of these for a svelt £220, and couldn't be happier. Sure you can get a DC35 for a bit less, but it is also less powerful and has a shorter run time. Ultimately you get what you pay for, and I'm sure the DC35 is more than up to the job. I live in a small 2 bed house, and at a push I could probably whip around the whole place on one charge. But, I didn't buy it to replace my main Dyson DC25 - that still comes out once a week to do the main floors in double-quick time, and in all honesty, better than the DC35, but what do you expect?! However, as something to easily do the stairs, car, and light mid-week cleaning, it's a perfect accompaniment. People may slate the 5 hr charge time vs 20 min run time, but they are either missing the point or just trolls. For the kinds of jobs this is designed for, it doesn't matter that it only lasts 20 minutes. Like I said, I don't really see this as a replacement for a larger machine, but it certainly makes the perpetual job of vacuuming and cleaning easier and more satisfying.

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I will say two things it doesn't replace a full size unit in a normal house BUT it is very good at what it does pick up dirt!!!! Next thing is it is expensive but again you pay for what you get and I would rather pay £279.99 for it really is good than £50 for so so but it's cheap. And now 5 year warranty if you register it No brainier really

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mrs jeanette elder

I just bought one last week and I love it. It is the best hoover I have ever had. I am 71rs old and being so lightweight is ideal as is the wall mounting storing and attachments. The real bonus for me is being cordless as my eysight is bad and I now don't have to worry about tripping over cords. I just love cleaning with it and keep looking for a reason to do so. I highly recommend it.

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Bought a DC44 recently, did so due to a chronic back condition. I was a bit wary as some of the comments and reviews did have me wondering about spending this amount of money on a vacuum cleaner - I am happy to report that the comments and reviews in relation to some of the "perceived" cons are simply wrong. The DC44 is a joy to use, a joy to store. The battery length is absolutely adequate for a 3/4 bedroomed house. The beauty is that because it's so easy to use, you use it more, the more you use it the less time it takes to complete your chores. I have dogs and cats and have to vacuum daily, 20 mins is absolutely enough. The trigger is very light, much lighter than I thought, I can see how it would be difficult for people with arthritic problems with their hands, but if you have a back condition such as mine, which hindered me from using a conventional cleaner, this is absolelutely the cleaner that you have to have. I could never revert back to a conventional vacuum cleaner, being able to flit around the house in 20 mins is a godsend. Pricey - but worth every last cent.

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I have just purchased the DC44, I am yet to use it, it is yet to arrive, I tested one out in Curry's and thought it was great, baring in mind in only live in a two bed maisonette, hallway wooden, 3 rooms with carpet, kitchen/bathroom lino. I think it is going to be ideal for us, 20mins is more than enough time to get around, if you treat it as a work out your killing two birds with one stone. I am hoping it arrives today / tomorrow, I have seen all the reviews, good & bad but I guess you only know once you have one your self, if you want to test it out then Currys do a 30 day free trial, and if you want to buy it cheaper than £279, check our vacuum Spares, got mine for £230 Inc. vat & free delivery (2 year warranty)

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I got one of these for Christmas after my ancient vacuum died on me and I am so pleased with it. I only have a one bedroom flat so the 20 minutes running time is plenty, I can hoover the whole flat twice before recharging with the odd quick blast here and there if needed in between. I was a little dubious how heavy it would feel after a few minutes but needn't have worried as its very lightweight, even hoovering dust from the bathroom fan or spiderwebs from the ceiling is easy peasy. I personally have not needed to use the "max" setting as the normal mode creates plenty of suction. Also one of the "cons" stated in this review is the small capacity dustbin, not really sure how this is a con, if it was bigger then would be heavier and bulkier, just empty after every use, flick one button and empty in to the bin - hardly an inconvenience! Pricey yes, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Its well worth it, I wouldn't go back to a normal upright after this.

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