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Advent Vega

Tuesday 30 November 2010


Rating of 3

The basics

Following hot on the heels of the Apple iPad, the Advent Vega is the latest tablet to hit the market, and at a much lower price point than its rival. It can't come close to matching the iPad for quality, but the Vega does pack in Android, and has a lot to offer for those on a limited budget.

The good

The Advent Vega has a 10.1-inch screen. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, it's a little too tall for comfortable one handed use, but on the plus side it's perfect for watching movies on the move. The screen on the Advent Vega is also capacitive – a rarity at this price point – and it's very responsive. This is ideal when navigating the web, entering URLs and scrolling down through pages. The Vega also gets Android 2.2 as an operating system. It's easy to use, with large, finger-friendly icons, although it lacks the polish found on the latest range on Android smartphones.

The bad

At present, Android 2.2 isn't designed to work with tablets, and this is apparent when you use the Advent Vega. Too many menus are simply scaled up – rather than redesigned – with poor results. This version of Android is also limited on tablets – with no access to Google's proprietary apps, including the Android Market Place, Gmail and Google Maps.

The bottom line

Whether you'll like the Advent Vega will depend purely on what you intend to use it for. If you want it to be a multi-faceted device, letting you work on the move or download apps whenever you're bored, you'd be better off with the Apple iPad. However, if you simply want to browse the web in comfort, or watch movies on the move, it's well worth a look.
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The Advent Vega i believe was not done any justice at all, firstlhy i agree on the aspect that Android 2.2 is not designed for tablets that is true and i believe that is the only downside, on the plus side the Vega's spec do stand out a lot both hardware and software, on the software side do not be worried because there is no android market well there is a ROM designed specifically for the Vega called Modaco r6 and it is fantastic and it does unlock its true potential and the duo processor can handle it without a sweat. very soon Android are moving into the tablet Market 2.3 and 3.0 android are coming out soon, watch out mr Ipad its not going to be long neither shall we make it painful. Finally the Vega is worth more than its money just give it time. dont allow yourself to be "spoon fed" by apple lol, Android for President. i would give the Vega 4 gs

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I actually own one and I have just put on a beta version of Honeycomb 3.0 called Vegacomb, Every time I see a review it get compared with the Apple iPad of course it's not got the quality of the iPad which is your opinion. But the iPad does support flash where the Advent Vega does. I am getting sick of all the products the Gadget Show review and Apple wins handsdown every time. They are so biased towards Apple.

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i agree with phil, android and ios are totally different, you don't compare mac to windows or either to linux, sure there info about which is better but it all comes down to what the user wants it's always been about the user. reviewers should be comparing android tablets to other android tablets what almost all android reviewsl boil down to is "sure it's a nice tablet and will get the job done but look at this shiny ipad". lets face it advent vega is currently £199 at pc world and a ipad is £500 thats a good £300 saving depending on model, vega has flash which will never ever be on the ipad and yes you have to install a ROM to get the market, but you have to jail break an ipad to get any real use as well. what it comes down to is would you rather save £300 and have to do a small work around to get the market, or is that £300 worth it to get the ios app store and a shiny back and the "look i have an ipad" brag?

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Hi,bought an advent vega yesterday solely due to price, I will admit the lack of ndroid market was a sore one, I spent four/five annoying hours just trying to get Kindle on it!, but after trawling the net and forums, I discovered advent, there was a link to many free apps there, kindle was down loaded in seconds as were many other apps, great peice of kit for £199, wouldnt even dream of paying the price of an ipad, the vega has great video, handles you tube bbc iplayer 4od with ease, fantastic bit of gear, next challenge is to find out how upgrade to honeycomb etc.Incidentally, I am a complete novice with android and apps etc,first time I have even looked for an app!, it could be slightly easier but no major complaints

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Ive had one of these for a month now and i must say for 200 pound you cant complain i use it more than any laptop or pc ive ever used, ive even ditched my xbox 360 now as the graphics that are produced from the nvidia tegra 2 are superior especially when you play the games built for this device, you also have alot more freedom to change whatever you want which you cant with an ipad i have mine overclocked at 1.5ghz running on honeycomb port which is so easy to do. Overall 200 pound for a device that can outrun the ipad and most other tablets, so you would be crazy not to have the vega.

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I agree with phil's comment " products the Gadget Show review and Apple wins handsdown every time. They are so biased towards Apple". A couple a weeks ago they review the motorola xoom, blackberry play and IPAD 2 and guess which came first drum roll........ surprise surprise the IPAD2. I have seen the xoom and ipad in action sorry John you haven't go a clue what your talking about. My view is that the people who buy Apple products only purchase them as a fashion accessory and use them as status symbols. The new Andriod os and these new tablets that are hitting the market should have apple worried "so if you don't have a iphone" or a ipad for that matter who cares. You can do alot more on a Android device nuff said later.

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Although others think that this review is harsh on the Vega because the software can be modified to include the android market and honeycomb, I think it's only fair that they review the product as is, if only because not everyone would feel comfortable doing these things. However, I have a Vega (which I am using right now) and with honeycomb on it, it is very easy to use, quite powerful and an all round brilliant deal for £200

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I bought an advent Vega and seroisly all the nonsense about it can't acsess the android market shouldn't be a put down as I installed the Vegacomb rom (honeycomb) my thoughts on the device has shot up and have loved every second of using it. And it packs a huge amount of power behind a very clear net book screen. I think if your going to review this device get the honeycomb rom. :) and the price of 199 pounds this is a no brainer.

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First Of All you guys seriously need to keep this up to date because there are many secondary markets on offer and I'm pretty sure they have released the official Android market on it. Second of all The reason they haven't bothered with the layout and design of the operating system is because there are plenty of Custom Roms and flashed Roms all ready out there for the Vega. Thirdly you guys need to look into your reviews more and not just rate stuff on its first looks and as I`m guessing you probably don't know the Vega Sold out within Hours of Its First Release and is still very hard to grab hold of a year later. A problem That the IPAD does not face due to its Massively Huge price that most customers cant even afford Lastly Do you not get that its not about the quality.we guys come to your site looking for the most reliable and recommended Not biased everything on the iPad because we know its got more in it because its Almost £500.What if someone comes here and whats to know your cheapest recommended tablet.we don't always just want the same response{ OH HANDS DOWN IPAD} we want the most reliable, comfortable,most support and not just the best by Your Means.

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What gets my goat about the Gadget Show, and other tech products review websites, is that they compare features across devices without taking price into account. I think that reviews should compare on a "bang for buck" basis, whereby they look at items within a price bracket and decide which is best in that bracket. I have had a Vega for some months now and I think it is a great unit for the £199 I paid for it. Considering the Ipad is 2.5 times the price, I think I have got fantastic value for money. I can watch Iplayer on it, as well as other TV channels, read Kindle books with the Kindle app, surf the web, go on Facebook, all with no problems. I am running it with the lates Vegacomb rom on it and it is a delight to use. The modding is pretty straightforward to do, and there are helpful websites out there, where people will walk you through the process of modding and changing the tablet to your own specifications.

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The gadget show sponsored by Apple? The presenters are clueless, I would believe a word they say.

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David Marceau

In 2013, the Advent Vega is still a nice piece of hardware, but I'll agree that the Android OS that ships with it is flimsy even with Android upgrades. VEGACOMB and CYANOGENMOD helped a great deal to take advantage of the real performance of the great hardware Tegra2 under the hood, but my hope in 2013 however is that Canonical and their Ubuntu Phone OS can be retargetted to the VEGA because there are many Advent VEGA fans out there. The VEGA hardware is adequate and it merits better software and Ubuntu clearly is that better software geeks are looking for.

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