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21 February 2010

This phone is sooo overated ! i'v had mine for some time now and to be honest it really isnt great at all ! firstly you can't send pictures to kiosks or send songs to friends using bluetooth. also you cant just use an mp3 track as you ringtone you have to choose a horrid one from apple or cut a song down to something like 30 seconds (extremely faffy) The camera on these are realy bad, you have to hold it dead still to get something decent and theres no standard video camera! you can buy video camera apps from the store but their extremely poor ! The back of the phone gets scratched so easily, then it maks the phone look ugly if you have a bulky case on it. I also think its quite slow going onto apps or messages. oh not forgetting the battery life ! doesn't last a day if you lisen to music alot like me ! in my opinion these phones are toally overated and exteremely over priced ! the only thing good about it is the internet ad the ipod !

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