Forget plastic, meet Samsung's full-metal jacket Galaxy Alpha

While Samsung’s teased its next big reveal for September, the South Korean phone giant has skipped the formalities for its latest surprise announcement. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the latest handset from the company that nixes the plastic fantastic construction of the past and shows off exactly what we’d expect from a next-gen handset. Has your Galaxy S5 just become old news?

Samsung’s just revealed its future with the Galaxy Alpha: Wave goodbye to the plastic-constructed Galaxy smartphones of the past, and say hello to what’s likely going to be a staple for Samsung’s upcoming blowers. Samsung has said the phone is “the evolution the Galaxy Design”, meaning you can expect this metal construction to stay. The new Alpha looks every part the business, and Samsung can finally compete with the likes of the premium iPhone 5s and HTC One (M8) in the build department with its 6.7-mm thin metal phone. The specs though, are a different story, as the Alpha doesn’t hold a candle to the flagship Galaxy S5.

You’ll find it armed with a 4.7-inch, 720p display – a whole lot less resolution than the Quad HD-armed Galaxy S5 refresh – while on the back is a 12-Megapixel camera along with a 1,860mAh battery crammed into its slim shell. It’s powered by either a quad or octa-core processor, depending on the region, while there’s also 32GB of internal storage for all your apps and games. Samsung has also skipped out on the microSD slot on the Alpha, which may not be pleasing for fans of external storage.

We’ve heard that Samsung’s been planning on making a move to a metal handset for some time now, and we’re surprised it’s with an all-new phone instead of another S5 variant. Samsung’s keeping mum on the pricing for now, but the Galaxy Alpha will be available early next month – expect more details, along with the Galaxy Note 4, during Samsung’s Unpacked 2 event on 3 September.