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Top 5 Motor Scooters

Top 5 | over 4 years ago

Suzi slips into some leathers and gets her leg over the Top 5 50cc motor scooters you can buy.

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Pete Harker


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Rob Dennett

This top 5 was quite frankly dreadful. I am 16 and have and am around mopeds all the time so i know what ones are good and what ones are not. And every one in this video was NOT good. It should have included the Yamaha Aerox, Aprillia SR50, Gilira Runner and the CPI gtR. All the ones in this video were Chinese tack excluding the vespa and speedfight. :( worst top 5 ever.

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Gavin Nightingale

My company has been selling scooters by many different brands for over 37 years and I can honestly say that the best quality scooters we have ever sold are made by SYM. In my opinion, nothing comes close to the SYM Jet Sport-X 50 for looks, reliability, warranty and parts backup. To have not included any SYM scooters in this test makes it pointless. Also, I noticed that Ms Perry didn't include the PGO G-Max 50 in her final 10. Again, they are top quality scooters. I would love to hear her reason for saying that it didn't 'make the grade'. Finally, @Rob Dennett, to say that all of the scooters in this review were not good is frankly ridiculous, and by the way, to say that all the scooters in the test were Chinese except the Vespa and Speedfight is also wrong. The new Speedfight is made in China (and is much better than the usual Chinese rubbish), and for your information, Kymco are Taiwanese,Vespa/Piaggio are Italian, and Yamaha is Japanese.

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Ben Turnbull

I agree with rob and for your information Gavin Nightingale he said EXCLUDING the vespa and speed fighter, and wether their chinese or Taiwanese their still poor build quality. Finally no 16 year old looking for a moped wants a chinese bike they want the higher performance yamaha's or aprillia's. P.S. i am also 16.

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Gavin Nightingale

Ben, I think you need to read my comments a bit slower. Rob said all the bikes were Chinese EXCLUDING the Speedfight. The new Speedfight IS made in China. I should know, I am a Peugeot dealer. If you think that Taiwanese scooters suffer from poor build quality, then that is proof that you know very little about scooters. My company sells (amongst others) SYM, PGO and Kymco scooters: all Taiwanese brands which all have excellent build quality and reliability: in fact FAR better than any European manufacturer. I can back up my statement by showing you our warranty claim records across all the different brands we sell. I have nothing against Yamaha or Aprilia (we sell those too), but I think the record needs to be set straight regarding some people's biased opinions.

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Rob Dennett

Fair enough mate i see what your saying. But HOW OLD ARE YOU. Nothing against age or anything but this review seems to be for 16 year olds e.g 50cc scooters. And to be fair if you are above the age of 18 your opinion doesn't matter to a 16 year old boy, it's what they like and not what their dad likes that decides what they will buy. Also it does seem that you are trying to plug your business. Also im not saying that they are all bad just that ALL THE ONES IN THIS VIDEO WERE! And honestly you have to admit they should have added in the Aerox and SR50.

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You must be jokin number 4 & % where good but number 2 the yamaha Neo it is a JOKE!!!

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Gavin Nightingale

Rob. I fully understand who this test is aimed at and yes, I’m old enough to be your Dad but I do not agree that all the bikes in the video were bad. There were certainly a few models that I would advise people to steer clear of but there were a couple of bikes that should definitely have made the final ten that were disregarded for no good reason. One thing I do agree with you and Ben about is the fact that there were several very popular scooters which weren’t even included in the test; notably the Yamaha Aerox, Aprilia SR50, SYM Jet Sport and Gilera Runner. I, for one, would be far more interested to see a test carried out by people of your age rather than someone old enough to be your Mum.

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James Bennett

Im 16 and i got a 50cc yamaha aerox valentino rossi race replica. I think is one of the best if not the best scooters out there at the moment. Its faster than all my mates peugeot speedfighters and aprillia sr50, also it looks the part on the street. Would a 16 year old really want to be seen riding a vespa around the streets... NO

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I think that Key Lee is fit.

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i have a kymco super 8 n its mint!!! its fast, very well made and can corner very well, its well worth 3rd place, i am 16 also and i have had many comments about it and i have had no problems with it what so ever, well worth getting and it does very good on petrol

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jack mawson

i dont now what to get kymco super 8 2t or speedfighter or sym jet sport

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Kyle Chapman

in my opinion there are loads of good 50ccs they could have got instead of the ugly v-clic and the other cheap chinease rubbish. dont know what they were thinking having this suzi test them out it was like waching my dad take my neos out for a spin (maybe not that bad she didnt try to turn it off with the kick start) but my point is mopeds are usualy a bigger deal for 16year olds like myself. people my age arent thinking about long term or servicing, its more making it look good and making it go fast. im still happy to see my yamaha at number 2 though!

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I bought a noes then saw this, made my day

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Ali Javed

I brought a longjia lj50qt-2l for £499 and it was Chinese but it did me very well have risen it for half a year now not one single problem. But if u had the money I would have brought something like a filers runner or speed fighter due to its brand and looks but Chinese ones do do the job.

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