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Top 5 | over 2 years ago

Ortis gets chopping, cutting and shredding his way through piles of paper to find the Top 5 Shredders.

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Worth noting that the winning shredder shown is actually the pro style plus (retails for £100ish) not the £65 pro style. Judging by the reviews there's a big difference between the two models.

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Colin Humphreys

The number one shredder you showed on the show, the Acco Rexel Pro style for £65, could you please tell me where i can purchase one from for that price, the item you showed on the show was the Rexel Pro Style Plus Cross Cut Paper Shredder and not as stated the Acco Rexel Pro style for £65 and the cheapest i could find is over £100.

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David Sale

Your number one shredder (the Acco Rexel Pro style for £65) is actually £100 or more for the PRO model. The £65 model is just for the Acco Rexel style which is not as good as the Pro model you showed and rated as number 1.

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John Evans

Disappointing review. The main function of shredders is .................... yes to shred media securely. Why then was it deemed that the shredding speed test be used as a first round elimination process? How many good shredders were eliminated in this round that performed their primary function, shredding, better than the top 5? It would also have been useful to understand how securely each of the shredders performed this function. Sorry Otis, must do better!

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As previous posts, you reviewed the Pro Style plus and price matched the pro different machines! Totally different prices..... Would the researches like to send me a credit for the £34 difference LOL!

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Darren Lithgo

Agree with all of the above regarding the misleading information between the winning shredders details and the actual model displayed. Very dissapointed.

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PC World have it for £65 if you buy online

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The PC World link is also to the wrong model at £65?? - Bit misleading on the price her Gadget show??

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Janet Ward

Anyone know where I can buy the Genie model that came fifth in the test?

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Perhaps if I was shredding my documents as the CIA were trying to break down my door, then I'd be concerned with the speed of the shredding. As it stands, I'm not really that bothered if my bank statement takes 6 seconds rather than 3. Initially eliminating the shredders based purely on speed was an amateur mistake. Could've missed a gem.

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