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Christmas Special: Stocking Fillers

Top 5 | over 2 years ago

One place you can hide a few unexpected gifts is in a Christmas stocking.  So, to help you choose the best, here’s our Top 5 Stocking Fillers.

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Awsome gloves, where can I buy them in London please? I can even wear colour fingerless gloves over the top to match what I'm wearing lol.

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Norma Addison

where can I buy the gloves near Stirling we alreasy have snow up here!

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When will you up load all of your videos on this website to a YouTube account many iPhone and iPod touch users will thank you.

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This comment has been removed.

Alex Sammut

The gloves look good but don't look like they would help me with gaming on a touchscreen. The RYG Thumbslip is much better option for that and is still within a stocking filler price (£8.99 + P&P) There are some cool videos of it being used on the website. I reckon the Gadget Show should review these!

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I've got a toy called perplexus and I think the addict-a-ball is a cheap version of mine because it has the same maze, mine is bigger and I saw the addict-a-ball is hawkins bizzar

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OK, did a tecky web search lol & ended up on Amazon, £2:49 + PP Mens one size fits all, it has the forefinger & thumb that are "grey", which is all I need to use my i-Phone in the cold. Woo hoo! Happy X-Mas to me :-D

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abdirhaman abdi

how can i answer the qustaion if i don'T have phone ....

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