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Wall of Fame Mini vs Volkswagen Beetle

over 4 years ago

This week Suzi and Jason pitch two iconic cars, The Mini and Volkswagen Beetle for Jon to decide which goes on the wall.

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I thought I noticed the Knitted Character in this section, however it was also on Match of the Day 2 on Sunday

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Stuart Lloyd

In reference to the VW Beetle, on the Wall of Fame dated 23/11/09, Bumblebee was a Beetle in the original animated series of Transformers, and the animated movie. In the live action movies, Bumblebee has become a Chevrolet Camaro (initially the 1976 model, then the 2009 concept version and finally the 2010 Camaro SS in the second live action film)

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Mini deserved the victory hands down this one was a no brainier

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yes i saw the knitted character aswell i had to look twice though

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Of course the Mini is the better car, The VW Beetle is just a pig.

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