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Wall of Fame - Blackberry vs Psion

over 5 years ago

Battling it out for a place on this week's Wall of Fame is the Blackberry vs the Psion. As ever, Judge Jon chooses the winner.

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What a bad decision by Jon ! The Psion was the first and was much more than a calculator !! It was a contact manager, diary manager - practically inventing Personal Information Management ! Don't forgot that Psion begat the Symbian operating system as well ! Which is now to be found in millions of mobile phones ! Good point by Ortis - the original Blackberry was great because they did one thing very well...unlike most of the crap Blackberry now churn out trying (badly) to mimic the Iphone. Anyway - good on you for even showing the little Psion on your show !

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blackberrys dont try to be like iphones nowadays they are used for bussiness purposes etc

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The Psion is what started it then, Palm/Handspring (PalmOS), Apple (Newton), Amstrad (NCx00 & PDA600) and Microsoft (WinCE) followed with their PDA's, Now it's Android, Apple, Microsoft & RIM era of PIM and communications management. If data connectivity was limited as it was back then due to expense and hardware limitations then none of the system that are currently popular whould have ever taken off.

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