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Ultimate Gadget Chair

over 5 years ago

We see the Ultimate Gadget Chair designed by one talented viewer being built and unveiled.

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wow nice chair, wish i had it...

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Hi could you let me know the brand name of the gadget chair that is on display in the show please.

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james chitakunye

Nice try. But for 5 grand, I would've expected a lot more miniaturisation features, retractable thin film screens (not rigid), enviro sustainability and artificial intelligence. Just about good for NOW, but certainly not a gadget of the FUTURE!!!!

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Fail, sorry but it's fail. several reasons: 1, nothing like the original design. 2, when reclining you can clearly see the back does not slide and pivot, just pivot, which causes the headrest to slide away from the user, thus ruining the surround sound and eye level monitor features when reclined. 3, for that money I would have expected at least 3 monitors or at least some form of 180 degree screen (yes I'm aware it is intended mostly for console gaming).

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