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CES 2013 - Sony Xperia Z: First full HD phone

about 1 year ago

See the brand new Sony Xperia Z in action right here....

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nice phone and long lasting i use it............

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Ali Boyd

Saw the phone at the CES in Las Vegas and even the display astounds. The Sony Stand set the bar for maximum astonishment in product performance and value. To witness the Xperia Z being dipped into water so often without fault to the handset, it could almost appear to 've a fish bowl presentation as opposed to a phone demo. Then add to this the sound system enhancing headphones, not only do you have your mind blown, but hold onto eyes and ears too!!!!!

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John T

Had mine for a couple of months now.What can I say?Exellent device,nothing atall to complain about,maybe that the external speaker is crap but the internal technology makes ear/head phones or external speaker i.e various separate speakers available, sound total class,besides most people don't listen to music etc from the phone speaker nowadays anyhow.Beautiful crisp and sharp picture.Def best phone on the market.Look's stunning too,but is a dust and finger print magnet.V-very Recommended...

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