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Best Mobile Phone Deals

over 3 years ago

Jon explores the bewildering world of mobile phone tariffs. Whether you are a heavy phone user or just use your mobile to make the occasional call – Jon has come up with the best phone deal for you. For more information on this feature and the rest of the show please visit the episode blog

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I am on the a deal from giffgaff. which are on the o2 network. and for £10 per month I get 150 minutes unlimited texts and unlimited data.

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another giffgaff user here its got to be the best £10 a month deal out there. Plus you get free unlimited giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts plus unlimited data.

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i am on o2 simplicity i pay £20 a month and i get 600 cross network mins unlimited o2 to o2 calls 1000+ txts and unlimited internet (1gb) and its a rolling contract not bad

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I got an old n97 mini i'm gonna use n i found a great pay monthly sim from TESCO (they use o2's network) for ONLY £10 a month with 500mins, 500texts and 500mb of data a month!!! I've checked n its the best deal by miles.

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I use the following site to find the best mobile phone deals on all networks:

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Mark Ransome

I got my last mobile from a mobile comparison site which I thought was rather good and I got a good deal. See what you think of it? Regards, Mark.

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