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HDMI Cable Test

Studio Tech | over 2 years ago

Suzi, Jason and Pollyanna test a cheap and expensive HDMI Cable to see if there really is a difference in the picture quality. 

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There is also a great brand in the UK called OXi-GOLD which is basically the same as Phillex, it's 99.9% oxygen free gold components to the latest HDMI standards. I would never spend £80 on a HDMI lead as the Gadget show proves. Some cable interconnect companies need a serious price reality check. The key point is - use gold-plated cables and leads for all your interconnects (HiFi, TV, PC etc.) and your quality will improve vastly compared to standard black leads with cheap tin/steel parts. Some people say spend 10% of your HiFi/TV costs on interconnects, I say just be wise and save money.

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Andy casswell

Hi the test u did on hdmi cables,does the same apply with ps3 hdmi cables?cus mines had it and don't really want to spend £25-30 on a official Sony cable? Thanks

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The show really missed the point here. There is a huge difference between HDMI cables at different price points. However proper testing is required by a trustworthy and informed laboratory. There are proper scientific tests that will clearly show how different cables perform. It is true however that many cables come with misleading descriptions especially where things like shielding are concerned. For a real and informed test procedure go take a look at This will put things into perspective.

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The point is, while cables miight have different qualities, from a VIEWING experience, low cost cables deliver an identical image and sound. Where there are increased error rates due to cable quality or cable ends, as long as it is within the margin of error allowed by the hdmi protocol, the data flow is unaffected. U dont have to believe me, ask for a demonstration from a specialist to prove the difference, just as they do for audio cables before you part with your hard earned cash. My experience, is that ive had low cost hdmi and optical cables attached to very high end equioment, i did the demo with the help of my local specialist, who told me not to bother, because he is honest and wanted the best experience for me and the money was better used elsewhere in mysetup.

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I am trying to find the HDMI Cable buying guide mentioned in this video and cant find it. can someone point it out??

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did you know you can also but hdmi cables from poundland

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I got two cheap HDMI cables and i use them for my xbox 360 and the picture quality is excellent

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a victory for common sense, good work gadget show. Now its time to listen to the responses of those who have bought those expensive cables and are too proud to admit mistake. Instead they will back up their beliefs and attempt to justify the purchase by quoting tests carried out by independent bodies that happen to be funded by the very companies selling the cables! to those very people I ask this. Are you trying to convince us or yourselves?

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From DLP labs - "In order to fully test any HDMI™ cable’s performance, Boccaccio and his engineering team created a custom suite of tests that fully expose a cables strengths and weaknesses" - in other words there is no real world difference only with custom tests to expose the cable's 'strengths and weeknesses' can a difference be found?? I bought a 1m HDMI cable for 99p and it works fine!

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Dave R.

@neopod - gold plating makes no difference whatsoever. A £1 cable will provide identical picture and sound to a £100 one. There is no variable in the quality aspect when using HDMI cables; it will either work or not. @Vandundo - here's some real-world testing which proves that audio and video are absolutely identical between the cheapest and most expensive cables: As long as cables operate within the tolerances defined by the consortium, they are valid. No one cares if there are some technical variances in signal attenuation when they have NO EFFECT on the picture or sound.

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John R

Great article here from CNet explaining why signal does not suffer degradation etc.

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