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Jon's Tests | over 3 years ago

Jon heads off to Sky News Headquarters with three of the best tablets to get the thoughts of Martin Stanford on which should be making the headlines.

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Best of Series 16: Jon's Best Gadgets Tested

Jon is the resident Gadget Tester but what are his favourite Jon Tests from The Gadget Show Series 16?  

Future Tech: BAE

Jon looks at the development of technology within the military at BAE.

Movie Services

Suzi turns the heating up and settles down on the sofa for some intense testing of the latest Online Movie Services.

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Ivan Leivers

I do wish the Gadget show was so i-biased, or apple-ocentric. Even the report showed the ipad has some major failing i.e no flash playing, but the report turns this to a plus saying that its making people develop apps!!! What? Also the camera is nowhere near the other two. But wait what is the final score..ipad still top mainly due to there being most apps. It was a similar story with the iphone test. I have an ipod, because its the best, but give me a xoom and a desire anyday.

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Typical gadget show bull, It was quite clear that video recording was poor and lack of flash meaning no video is also a big minus,.. but hey it wins anyway because apple made it,... This is why you can never take the gadget show seriously,.. at a guess my thoughts are that whoever pays them the most money gets the top spot. Their reviews are always childish and biased and even when they prove to you that something else is better they will promote their favoured product rather than the one that deserves recognition

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Slightly baffling - the Xoom outdid the Blackberry on every test and ended up with the same mark. The comments for the Xoom and iPad in the report don't tally with the final mark - watch the report and make up your own mind rather than blindly following the G rating... I'm agnostic in the whole Apple debate but there does seem to be a hint of bias on the final reckoning here...

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Aaron Sievewright

Hey I am a student at college who studies HNC sport and fitness i also have dyslexia what means i have problems with reading and writing. To assist this i use tec to try help but i am fed up carrying a laptop about with me all day so i am looking to get a ipad or another make of tablet but not sure can you advise on what is the best being a student i prefer to use Microsoft word but if there is something that is the same standard i would be happy to learn. Aaron

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