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Sky+HD vs. Virgin Media TiVo

Jon's Tests | over 2 years ago

Jon takes Sky+HD and Virgin Media TiVo for a thorough test to see which is the best and deserves the title of the PVR King.

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Pretty pointless review then as no decision was made at the end.. Didn't cover things like Sky Series Link only being valid for a single series and having to be put back in for the next one, when TiVo remembers that you watched Season 1 and when Season 2 comes around it automatically starts recording it for you!op

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Cant believe he thinks that skys remote and useability is better! To go to your planner on the sky remote is 2 keypresses and is awkard to do, which is far worse than the position of the clearcbutton on tivo. His 10 years of sky useage hasbiased this review! I have used both for 10 years and far prefer TiVo

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The TiVo peanut remote is award winning so it's hardly a bad design. I had Sky+HD before I had TiVo, and TiVo is much better.

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He cannot say there is a problem with the BBC i player loading slow on the TiVo box, it does it online and even if you get it on consoles like the nintendo wii it still loads slow. Sky doesn't even have bbc i player and if it had it probably would load slow anyway. Most video's will buffer!

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