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Entry Level DSLR Cameras

Jon's Tests | over 3 years ago

Jon takes to the sky to test the latest Entry Level DSLR Cameras.

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Hi i think that the test of D-SLR,s was unfair the sony a390 is a fine camera and isnt as sluggish as you make out i own a canon d1000 and its junk err 99 all the time , but back to the sony the slt a33 would have been a better match as it has video abut will out shoot all rest by far , if you are going to test stuff make sure its fair, its like putting a non turbo car up to 2 turbo ones then slag it off because its not got a turbo, the slt a33 is in the same price range and classed as top end entry level do a retest and see wot happens .

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You should keep the VT of this review, truly one of the worst reviews of cameras EVER ! The contrast lacking, hazz over London shot through a perspex window ! This must be A JOKE ! OR A PLUG FOR GOODYEAR ! Get someone who knows about cameras to review them next time.

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