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3D Camcorders

Jon's Tests | over 2 years ago

Jon tests the latest 3D Camcorders by shooting a fast action packed FIA GT1 Championship race at Silverstone.

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Jon is the resident Gadget Tester but what are his favourite Jon Tests from The Gadget Show Series 16?  

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User comments (16)

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Finding anything on this site should be made easer as it is a challange to find what you are lookinf for

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so wheres the 3d videos ??

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It is certainly one of the messiest and confusing sites I have visited.

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Jason Steep


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Dave Knapp

As the above comments.........where is this fantastic 3D video. I found my 3D glasses(free with the Sun!) but see nothing on your site. Maybe I need normal spectacles to find it?

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Yes strongly agree its not a very user friendly website, I can not find the 3D test shots?

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After a lot of hunting, the 3d videos are here

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John Christian

Some months ago I sugggested to The Gadget Show a shoot out comparison between 3D camcorders, with the intention of sharing the advantages and versatility of the concept and working prototype which I have built and improved. I am glad the program tackled the subject but disappointed from several aspects. For example everyone knows what a volume control does to sound; well zooming a pair of stereoscopic images basicallly has the same effect on the strength of the visual 3D effect. The more you zoom-in the less 3D there is. So why would it be an advantage to randomly vary the sense of depth during a 3D video? Human eyes do not zoom and human eyes normally see in 3D as an everyday experience. To get a wider view we normally go closer to the item of interest. 3D pictures also need to be composed in depth as well as width and height. Jon alluded to that but the discussion afterwards said nothing about control of when an object "passes through the 3D window". There were just vague mumblings about what was comfortable to watch and mention of transient moments when something visually chanced to pass through the viewing screen. If Panasonic could get it to work better I would prefer their approach, but it was still tied to one make and model of camcorder. I would like to see a more flexible design concept available to the public. Please see

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I am good with roaming websites but this is near impossible and I have been here for half an hour trying to find those awesome 3D videos, I even found my glasses SO SORT IT OUT GADGET SHOW YOUR MEANT TO BE GOOD AT THINGS LIKE THIS!

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I've purchased 3D Glasses only to find the video has been removed - Why? What was the point of going to the trouble of buying glasses - very disappointed

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