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Sony DEV-5 3D Recording Binoculars

Gadget Test | over 2 years ago

Jon does a spot of bird watching testing an ultimate pair of binoculars.

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first time on gadget show web site.its wicked

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I love your show and your blog but i really can't understand why i can't follow your videos (more because this is free in the UK), nor free or paid from other countries than the UK? Why is this limitation? I fallow your show on Discovery Channel and I really don’t understand why can’t enjoy fully your website from other countries than the United Kingdom.

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gadget geeks tried to rip off The Gadget Show but what a poor imitation. I would give it 1G, Gadget Show 5Gs

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I would enjoy The Gadget Show more if it concentrated on new tech, comparisons with older tech and just showed us what was available and on the cards. I'm not too interested in challenges, blowing up things or what have you. I still watch the show and even some repeats and I know that a lot of people will disagree with me. Maybe the competition should split the prizes between more people. Most people probably sell the stuff, anyway. Otherwise, keep up the good work.....I'll be watching next week.

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