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Christmas - High End Smartphones

Gadget Test | about 1 year ago

Polly and Jason test out 3 leading Smartphones from Windows Phone 8, iOS and Android, but can Apple retain the crown? Find out more about these phones here.

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Rajat Mittal

Not sure why you found the HTC faster from a processing power perspective than the Nokia. I hope you haven't fallen for the "quad core 1.7ghz" vs "dual core 1.5ghz" headline stat. The fact is, that the Lumia 920 offers 1GB of dual-channel RAM (as opposed to single channel on the HTC), and an Adreno 225 GPU vs the ULP GeForce that the HTC uses. In theory, the Nokia set-up should probably run a bit faster in my opinion, though definitely not any slower. Also, the HTC's older 40nm sized semiconductors will tend to run a bit hotter/use more battery, than the Nokia's more advanced 28mn semiconductors. Bottom line is though, they are both pretty fast machines, and certainly when using them side to side (I own the Lumia 920, my friend has the HTC), there doesn't seem to be any noticeable difference in processing. The screen does seem to be a bit more responsive on the Lumia though. Both beat the iPhone 5 clear out of the water.

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Tom Maskill

I think that you were a bit harsh on the iPhone 5 there. No mention of the lightning connector, nor the built in panorama, nor LTE, nor the fact that there are far more apps for it, nor the durability of it in comparison to the others, or the build quality, or the front camera quality or the music sound quality, the new ear pods, built in Facebook and Twitter for faster social networking. In my opinion the iPhone is the best of the three, and yes I have tried them all. The 920 deffo second love the tiles. I must admit though, andriod and windows phones are starting to catch the iPhone, Apple are going to have to pull something out of the bag with the iPhone 5s and/or 6 to retain customers!

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Steve Shaw

@Tom - Not sure what you're talking about there. In terms of build quality, durability, there's nothing close to the Lumia 920 at the moment. Both the Lumia and HTC have LTE. Panorama apps are available on all platforms. For social media connectivity, the Windows platform is miles ahead of everyone else. Lumia front & back cameras are better than the iPhone. The lightning connector pales relative to wireless charging. The only real thing going for the iPhone at the moment are the apps (though Android has virtually caught up there), and the brand perception. Else I think the other phones have already surpassed the iPhone on an objective hardware basis.

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