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Internet Around The Home

Features | over 2 years ago

Jason looks at the best ways to get the Internet Around your home.

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Roger Baines

PLT/PLA..........Many interference problems to radio receivers.....Ofcom need to get to work on a way out of what will be a major problem in the future.....

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Kit Hall

I am surprised having a Radio Amateur allegedly in your presenting team that you even thought of recommending PLT devices. As an HF operator I am slightly upset that more research had not been done and the adverse effect of PLT not been mentioned as well in the show. So researchers for the show visit and learn more about what PLT can do to normal broadcast reception and transmitting radio amateurs, trying to receive other transmitted signals.

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Peter Walker

Nice to see an artical demonstrating that WIFI can be adopted in many difficult situations, but why use one of those dreadful PLA devices. Did you not do any seriouse reasearch into the impact they have on the radio spectrum, your own broadband connection speeds, and the controversy over wether they do infact comply with the EU EMC Directive! You could have used a WIFI bridge to connect the broadband entry point to the master router, or more efficiently used a single CAT5 run descreetly on the outside of the building. Please research your advice more thouroughly, and or make it clear about the environmental impact of the devices you recomend.

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Tony Sneath

People keep pushing this PLT system. What I want to know is why is something so obviously illegal (Wireless Telegraphy Act 1948) being deliberately ignored by Ofcom? Heaven knows there is enough pollution of the radio spectrum already

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PLT devices really are dreadful things - polluting the airwaves with spurious emissions which affect all of the HF Bands and maybe beyond (even MOD frequencies are subject to this interference!).

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Habib Rashid

Which website can i go on to buy any of these accessories?

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