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Features | over 3 years ago

Jason takes a look at the cheapest bikes on the market and tests them to destruction on the world’s most punishing paper round. For more information on this challenge and the rest of the show please visit the episode blog

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Charles Edgar

love your show, want to buy Rockrider for my Grandson but can't find anywhere to buy one at the price you quoted can you help please with an address i can purchase one

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Rockrider is a Decathlon brand name and are only available form their stores.

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Here's the bike from the show:

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Kev White

I didn't notice any real "mountain biking" no rocky trails or steep terrain, just a gentle slight muddy track. The test didn't prove anything. The bikes should have been ridden at somewhere approaching the real meaning of off road; one of the Trail Centres in Wales. Then the differences between a £99 bike with fat tyres and a genuine mountainbike would have been obvious. Would I ride down a rocky bridleway in the Peak District on one of these cheap bikes? Absolutely not.

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michael keeton

I was thinking about buying my son the challenge rx pro for christmas but i can't find it any where

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Cristiano Maia

The bike I had was the the winner! :D Unfortunately someone stolen my precious :(

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YAY! That's my bike! :D Thank you mate! I Love the gadget show. All my friends say its a boys bike.... maybe it is, but i can prove to them how cool it really is!

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This comment has been removed.


I think people are missing the point here. What this test shows is not which cheap bike to go for, its reasons why you should never buy one in the first place. Its a well known fact that these bikes are unsafe in rough terrain as the poor components often cause crashes. This can be seen in the video where a crash is induced by the chain constantly slipping off. You should be looking to spend upwards of £300 for a good quality bike to last you years. We have entered an era of complacency whereby we just expect to be able to use a supermarket bike but its neither cost effective or good for the environment. The "that will do" attitude is ruining peoples perception of all types of recreational cycling due to the poor experience these bikes provide. You spend 300 pounds on your phone and games console why not your bike?

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