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Will the iPhone 6 have a bigger screen to take on rivals?

The Gadget Show  Wednesday 09 January 2013

Will the iPhone 6 have a bigger screen to take on rivals?

We told you last week that Apple is already testing the iPhone 6 in its Cupertino headquarters, but we didn’t know what it would look like. But according to new reports, Apple is working on a new, cheaper iPhone that may also have a bigger screen. Is it the iPhone 6?

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is working on a lower price iPhone which may ditch the metal casing for plastic. That followed an earlier, more detailed report from Digitimes which said this low price iPhone would launch in the second half of this year.

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Tantalisingly, Digitimes also says that this new iPhone “will come with a larger display”, to take on top new Android smartphones with screens of five inches or even larger – the iPhone 5’s display measures just four inches across diagonally.

So here’s the question: is this the iPhone 6? And even if it’s not, does this mean Apple’s next flagship smartphone will have a bigger screen as well? In this age of endless leaks, we should find out soon.

Would you buy an iPhone 6 with a bigger screen? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Neil B

Why why why why... Why would I want a small TV in my pocket? I want a phone predominantly so why does that need a 6" screen? Remember when phones used to get smaller... Aaaah the good old days when one thumb was more than enough!

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Don't make a bigger screen and don't make it plastic. The iPhone sells so well partly because of its design. We've had plastic with the 2g, 3g and 3gs. I was excited when the 4 came out with a glass and metal case, I was less excited by the 5 with its aluminium back, though having played with it I do actually like it, especially the matt black part on the back. I think glass is pretty, shiny and doesn't scratch as easily as plastic. Aluminium is more durable against drops and matches all of their other products which are glass and aluminium. Plastic is rubbish. Its cheap, and it looks cheap. The kind of people like myself that buy iPhones don't want plastic. Or we wouldn't have iPhones, we'd have other smartphones. And if we wanted a bigger screen we'd buy other smartphones. The advert for the iPhone 5 with the thumb reaching both corners is stupid. I cant reach every corner of my iPhone 4S with one thumb, so i wouldn't particularly want a bigger screen on my phone. If you want a bigger screen; buy an iPad mini.

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2g plastic? Leave the screen size as it is and go back to 4 & 4S body material, that didn't bend like my 5 has...

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I think the problem with iPhones is you have old ones or new ones, there's no range, one phone that uses the OS whereas Andriod phones exist all over and many companies make a number of different phones in various shapes and sizes. I for one wouldn't want a Galaxy S3 as I thin kit is a little too big however my S2 is fine and also there are many other options to me as an android user. What also helps Samsung especially is the S3 can now sync with iTunes which is probably losing Apple some customers.

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Rob Netherclift

Having recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 to a 5, I'm pleased with the performance enhancements and I feel the screen size is right for me. I'm disappointed with the materials that have been used on the 5 the case is much more easily scratched than the 4, I have had to resort to a case, which hides the lovely design. Personally, I'm happy with the size, but why not offer a choice? I would like to see a big leap forward in the OS, iOS is very slick, but has been left behind by Android and I like the ideas of 'live' tiles a la Windows 8. I will be changing phones again this year, I will probably stick with Apple, but the competition from Sony, Samsung & HTC is getting closer.

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I wouldn't get it due to being nearly as big as an iPad mini, however I would get the iPhone 5. I would love apple to let there devices work without iTunes I would love to plug it into my ps3 and get photos and downloaded music off it instead of the messing around of iTunes

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Jonathan Medrano

I would SO love for the iPhone screen to be larger. I must admit, I was a little disappointed with a mere length only increase. However, if Apple releases an iPhone with a body change or, in the iPhone 5's case, a body and screen size change, historically they have never included big changes to the hardware design in the follow up iPhone. So while it is wishful thinking, my bet is that there will be at least 1 more release before they have another screen size change.

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I currently use the 3GS and am pleased with the build and performance of the device, I've absolutely no complaints. I recently picked up the iPhone 5 and though the specs have improved i'm not too keen on the larger 'streched' screen - if the larger screen format is to be forced onto me then I think the Nokia Lumia 820 might be my next new toy. I like the Apple build, performance and reliability they should keep it compact..!

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John Glover

Screen size needs to be about half inch wider that's all that's needed the length is adequate for a phone if you want anything bigger get a tablet but it did say from the start it as too narrow that's y I did not buy one along with the maps debacle

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Cliff Davis

The only reason I am thinking of changing from my iphone is the screen is too small for me. I use an iPad and now the same apps on an iPhone seem tiny. If you want a small phone get a Nokia 100 (£9) from Tesco and 4 days battery life. If you want a smartphone to be a hub of your tech life I want a bigger screen.

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lets be honest,isnt it all about user friendly ... better battery life

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Any bigger and it'll be the size of an iPad Mini! It's not all about screen size, though, it's what the processor and memory offers.

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The way to go is definitely a bigger. For me ebook reader is becoming smaller and many people are now doubling their phones as a ebook reader. I have been using Apple products for several years and I have now decided that if iPhone 6 does not ship with a bigger screen, I will, without a doubt shift to Samsung IV or equivalent. Larger screen is a must, in my opinion for Apple to stay competitive in the brutal smartphone market.

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Bigger screen for sure!!!

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