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Vexia Econav: when satnavs go green

Fwd Tech  Thursday 12 February 2009

Vexia Econav: when satnavs go green The Vexia Econav can help you cut your car's C02 emissions by up to 30 per cent!

If you could cut your car’s CO2 emissions by a third, you’d do it right? Well, with the world’s first eco-friendly satnav – the Vexia Econav – that’s exactly what you can do, saving you money and the planet in the process.

How exactly does this eco-wonder wonder? Well, the Econav actually shows you the most economical and ecological way to drive your car. It takes certain data (type of car you drive, type of petrol you use, how many passengers you have), then plots the most ecological, economical route.

There are even functions that let you know if you’re using the accelerator correctly and if you’re in the wrong gear. Sounds like it could be annoying? Well consider this: not only will it help you to cut carbon emissions by up to 30 per cent, but it’ll have “paid for itself” within six months thanks to lowered petrol bills. So, effectively, after that, you’re making money!

The Econav is available in two models (both available in UK and European flavours): the 350 and 450, with 3.5 and 4.3-inch touchscreens. Out in March, prices start from a reasonable £159.99, with the top-of-the range offering costing £299.99. We suggest you give you’re mates a lift somewhere then discuss how much money you’re saving and how you’re an eco-warrior now. If that doesn’t make them punch you, we don’t know what will. But at least you have the smug high ground!

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