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Thinner Apple iMacs on the way? Next-gen Ivy Bridge processors ahoy!

The Gadget Show  Thursday 05 April 2012

Thinner Apple iMacs on the way? Next-gen Ivy Bridge processors ahoy!

With all this talk of an iPhone 5 it’s easy to forget about Apple’s other top tech. Reports now suggest that Apple’s iMac line is in for something of a major refresh, with Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge CPUs on the menu, along with a slimmer and sleeker design to match! Read on to find out more about the new Apple iMac set for June!

Apple iMacs powered by the new Intel Ivy Bridge processor range is incoming, that’s the word coming from a tipster that has altered How To Arena to the news that Apple is preparing an iMac overhaul with an internal and external upgrade.

Samsung Galaxy Tab the only serious competitor to iPad says ex Apple boss

We’re talking thinner Apple iMacs fitted with Intel’s Core i5 and Core i7 Ivy Bridge processors set to arrive around the June or July timeframe.

The supposed update follows hot on the news that Apple will also refresh its MacBook line with similar processors. First in line is said to be the 15-inch MacBook Pro, followed shortly by a refresh of the 14-inch model this June.

The latest Ivy Bridge processors will be capable of delivering high performance with less of the power consumption. And what that means for future laptops, and in this case Apple’s MacBook line is better battery life.

Apple has yet to confirm, but with reports coming from a “reliable tipster” here’s hoping we get to see these new Ivy Bridge iMacs and MacBook Pros soon. Apple is also rumoured to be launching MacBooks featuring Apple’s Retina Display – the same type used on the new iPad. With the latest Ivy Bridge processors, what a dream combo that would be. 

Retina Display MacBooks coming this summer?


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