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The new Google Nexus line and Android 4.2 revealed! All the details

The Gadget Show  Monday 29 October 2012

The new Google Nexus line and Android 4.2 revealed! All the details

A hurricane may have put paid to Google’s New York press conference today, but Google’s gone ahead and made its big announcement anyway. As expected, the search giant has revealed no fewer than three new Nexus Android devices, as well as a brand new version of Android, version 4.2. We’ve got all the details on the lot of them right here so read on for all the gory details!

LG Nexus 4

As expected, LG is behind the next flagship Android phone, the LG Nexus 4. It’s based on the specs of the Optimus G, with a 4.7-inch HD screen and super fast processor – but it’s running Android 4.2 completely untarnished and as Google intended. It’s going on sale on 13 November, and will be available to order from the Google Play store, as well as (presumably) through Carphone Warehouse, given it put the phone up for order last week. What it doesn’t have? 4G, for use on EE’s super fast new network.

Google Nexus 10

Google has also announced the Google Nexus 10, and as expected, it’s a 10.55-inch Samsung built slate designed to go head to head with the new iPad 4 and its super sharp Retina Display. It runs Android 4.2 on an astonishing 2560×1600 screen – and yes, that’s more pixels than full HD. For the first time, you can also have multiple accounts, so you can log in and log out, and get your apps and settings like you would a laptop or desktop, something the iPad doesn’t offer. It too is on sale on 13 November, priced up at 16GB for $399 (£250) and 32GB for $499. (£310) We’ll get UK prices for you as soon as we hear.

Google Nexus 7 goes 3G

We’d heard rumours of a Google Nexus 7 Android tablet on the way with more storage, but we didn’t expect a SIM-card slot for 3G connectivity as well. This data-ready model of the iPad mini rival is on sale now, priced at £199.

Android 4.2

All three new Google Nexus devices run a new version of Android, 4.2. It’s not a huge update, so it doesn’t get a new dessert flavoured codename, and is still technically Jelly Bean. But it packs some new features you’ll be able to make use of still.

First up is support for Miracast, the wireless streaming standard we told you about a few weeks ago. It works much like AirPlay, letting you send audio and video all around the shop, though you’ll need other Miracast devices to get it all working properly.

The stock keyboard on Android 4.2 now supports swiping gesture for typing, much like the Swype and SwiftKey Android keyboard alternatives do, while you can zoom in on emails in Gmail and text will realign to fit the screen. You can also look at widgets on your device’s lock screen – handy for keeping an eye on train times, says – and Google Now can make predictions based on Gmail too.

Lastly, Google Music is finally coming to the UK on 13 November. You’ll be able to upload all your music to the cloud and streaming it from wherever, without the subscription costs of Spotify or Rdio.

You can check out all the new goodies in the video below. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Is Android 4.2 what you’ve been hoping for?


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