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The five best e-readers of every type!

The Gadget Show  Monday 17 June 2013

The five best e-readers of every type!

Let’s face it, paperbacks have had their day: e-readers are taking over, but it’s not just e-books that they excel at. There are different e-readers for different needs, and with plenty of the devices packing in web browsers and other assorted goodies, who needs a regular book you read from start to finish? Whether you’re into comics, need a light for some bedtime reading or a large screen for digital textbooks, we’ve got you covered: read on for the five best e-readers to suit every type.

Backlit – Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s range of Kindle e-readers are seen as the de-facto devices in the business, and for good reason – slick hardware combined with easy access to the Amazon library make for enticing gadgets at hard to beat prices. For the times when you want some reading done in the dark, the Kindle Paperwhite is king, and there are not many other backlit e-readers out there that match Amazon’s offering in terms of price and specs. It packs in a sharp eInk screen which is made even better thanks to its clean backlight that’s easy on the eyes and quick to adjust too.

Pocket – Energy Sistem E4 Mini

Not taking a bag and need to get your reading on? Stick Energy Sistem’s E4 Mini in your pocket and you’ll be reading anywhere you want. It packs in a 4.3-inch screen, and it even has some music playing abilities to keep it in fighting form against some of the bigger e-readers on the market.

Comics – Kobo Aura HD

If comic books are more up your street than a book from the New York Times bestseller list, then look no further than the Kobo Aura HD. Right now, there’s zero competition for its super crisp 6.8-inch, 1440×1080, 265dpi resolution eInk screen that renders pages in full detail, making it a dream reader for comic books. Sure, you might not get colour pages through it, but when you’ve got a battery life rated up to a month of juice, Kobo’s Aura HD will give you all the time in the world to whip through your cosmic, super-powered comic book collection.

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Textbooks – Kindle DX

Amazon’s previously discontinued e-reader, the giant 9.7” Kindle DX, has made a reappearance on the American Amazon site, which hopefully points to a UK re-release as well. The massive device lends itself perfectly to textbooks, as it’s armed with a physical keyboard and free 3G letting you get some research done no matter where you are. If you need an eInk device to hold all your textbooks and to get your research done, then the DX is the perfect e-reader to fit the bill.

Audio – Kindle Touch

While Amazon has taken its audio capabilities out of its recent eInk Kindle devices, last generation’s Kindle Touch is still the best option for audiobook fans. It also has text-to-speech support meaning you can simply listen to your e-books that you’ve downloaded, letting the Kindle read it out loud to you, and there’s also an MP3 player built in – perfect for podcasts or for listening to music while you read.

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Not much of a review guys.... I take issue with your "glowing" review of the Kindle the time of researching an ereader for my wife last Christmas the paper(sh)[wh]ite was getting slated and huge numbers of returns due to 'always on' "sparkles" on the screen and unevenly distributed backlighting so I opted for the Kobo Glo which got excellent reviews and has been perfect from day one (and did not get a mention from YOU) without the lock-in from the Amazon "Big Brother" which deletes your ebooks over the air without your permission!! Rubbish partisan reviewing people. James Ollerhead

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I have a nook glow light which I love as I can get books from the library which do not cost a penny. you have the books for 3 weeks and can have a total of 4. you can also take books out of the library too

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Was this review sponsored by Kindle? Kindle the best in 3 of the groups, yeah right, this was actually MEANT as a joke wasn't it? Lets get the most obvious out the way, search out an eReader comparison page (try 'generic search engine'ing "The eBook File Compatibility Chart") and you'll see that in actual fact, the Kindle is actually the most RESTRICTED with regard the type of eBook files out there, (remember these are eReaders so pretty much the most important aspect is, funnily enough, the eBooks they can read) kinda flies in the face of being the Kindle being the so called "best" eReader, doesn't it. The Kindle Paperwhite backlit, the "king"? Not many eReaders that "match it's price or specs", yeah for example the Nook Simple Touch Glowlight £109 BEFORE the current deal of £69 compared to Kindle Paperwhites £169, or the Kobo Glo eReader at £99, hmm yeah, that Kindles a REAL bargain there compared to the competiton, isn't it? So the Kindle is MUCH more expensive then the main competition AND can read less varied types of eBooks, of course, I must have misunderstood the meaning of "best value for money and capabilities". These are eReaders not tablets. Come on Gadget Show if you're going to do these reviews at least TRY to do a good job of it, or at least if your going to do a promotion for a product at least be honest about it rather then dress it up as a review.

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