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The Darkness 2: Top 5 reasons it will be amazing!

The Gadget Show  Tuesday 31 January 2012

The Darkness 2: Top 5 reasons it will be amazing!

The original Darkness game did alright. It was a good game with some solid shooting gameplay, packed with a few gruesome scares thrown in for good measure. However, the sequel – The Darkness 2 is even better.

We will have a full review soon, but in the meantime, check out these five reasons why The Darkness 2 could be worth picking up for your PS3, PC or Xbox next month.

Improved controls

We’ve spent a good couple of hours with The Darkness 2, and are pleased to report that the gameplay controls feel much firmer, and just more accurate this time round, especially when dual-wielding pistols or using protagonist Jackie Estacado’s tentacles to inflict pain on enemies.

A new look cell-shaded

The cell-shaded look won’t please all fans, but we think it looks great, adding a more vibrant look to some scenes, while retaining the grim mood and feel of the original game.

Vendettas co-op mode for up to four players 
 The Darkness 2 has a co-op mode where up to four players can play, in a story that runs alongside that of the main single player campaign and featuring four characters, each with their own peculiar talents abilities, leaving players to decide which is their favourite.

Upgradeable abilities

Throughout The Darkness 2, players will have the chance to upgrade Jackie’s abilities by collecting currency to purchase new talents and improve those he already possesses. Gun Channeling, for example provides unlimited ammunition and increased gun damage – a lethal, winning combination. Meanwhile, a power called Black Hole lets Jackie send enemies whizzing through the air in a deadly rip through the atmosphere.

A blazing array of weapons

One of the things we most love about The Darkness 2 is the ability to dual-wield firearms, and mix and match firepower with Jackie’s demonic powers. Handguns, submachine guns, shot guns and all manner of assault rifles to blast enemies away at a distance. The chance to mix things up, weapon-wise lends more variety to popping a cap, or a few hundred into those daring to oppose Jackie Estacado.


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