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The best Samsung Galaxy S3 cases that money can buy

The Gadget Show  Monday 03 September 2012

The best Samsung Galaxy S3 cases that money can buy

You don’t need us to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the very best smartphones you can buy today. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s absolutely massive. But how do you look after something with acres of screen space just begging to be scratched in your pocket? We’ve got the answer: we’ve scoured the globe to find the coolest, the most convenient and the very best cases on sale right now for your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Gear4 JumpSuit Boost (£14.99)

Gear4 makes all sorts of Samsung Galaxy S3 cases, even Angry Birds ones, but the British firm’s more subtle JumpSuit Boost is our favourite. It comes in a more muted black or turquoise blue, and does the job it sets out to, providing a bit of shock protection as well as access to all your the buttons and camera sensor.

Speck PixelSkin HD ($29.95)

Coming in black, blue and red, the PixelSkin HD for Samsung Galaxy S3 won us over with its pleasant and grippable polymer material – and a design that reminds us of the back of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus Android phone. Its slight raise on the front face when attached also gives your phone’s screen a little bit more protection when dropped as well. You can’t get the PixelSkin HD for Samsung Galaxy S3 in the UK right now, so you’ll have to get it shipped from the company’s US website, but after testing it out, we’d say it’s more than worth it.

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Kolay blue leather flip case (£3.95)

If you’ve only got change to spare for a Samsung Galaxy S3 case, make it this one. It’s not the best designed ever – most of the ports and buttons including the USB and headphone sockets are covered by it. But it’s the same pebble blue shade as the Galaxy S3, and also comes with a screen protectors and a stylus, turning it into a slightly smaller Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Bargain.

MediaDevil GrafikCase (£19.97)

It’s just a snap on Samsung Galaxy S3 case that covers the back and sides with space for the camera sensor – but it’s one that you can design your own. Submit your own image and MediaDevil will print it off for you. In a clever twist, you’ll also get sent a wallpaper of your design for your Samsung Galaxy S3’s homescreen when you order it.

Black Cool Vent Case (£14.99)

Samsung’s official Samsung Galaxy S3 case is a striking one. Naturally, it fits the phone like a glove, but it also comes with a vent-like design it says is for ventilation. We’re not sure that’s necessary seeing as the phone doesn’t have a fan inside, but think of them as speed holes. They certainly look cool.

Any other Samsung Galaxy S3 cases we missed? Let us know your pick in the comments.


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John Smith

I think the Otterbox Commuter (Or even defender - I have not tried that one though) should be added to this list. Around £20, a great, sturdy case that offers access to all of the ports whilst looking smart.

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Quentin Stark

I have case-mate tough case, which is a silicon layer surrounded by ABS hard plastic shell. The ports and buttons are easy to access. No screen protectors come with the case. Retails for around £23.

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You missed another official Samsung case. It replaces the original back cover with the same type but with an additional flip over leather screen protector.

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Paul Mayor

Am surprised that you missed the otter box.. it's the best phone case I have ever had for any phone! Tut tut GS thought u were better than that!!

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I love my Rock case - its pretty unique with a rough non slip texture too it.

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Cool cases here! I have Urban Armor Case( ). I've had tons of phone and tons of cases over the years. This is one of the first cases I've had that actually made my phone look better. What I mean is most cases just protect your phone and most them are bulky and ugly in doing so. This case made my S3 go from looking ok to looking really cool (white S3 and I got the white and black case). I like the curves on the S3, but the way this case sharpens the corners (and dare I say makes it look like a bigger iPhone) giving the phone a really nice look. I've had the case for a few weeks and I've dropped my phone a few times with no issues.

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I really like the vent case. I bought a wallet case (the second one i saw here ) for my new galaxy s3 and i really like it too.

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just received my case from very happy with the quality. now getting one also for my sister birthday!

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My suggestion for best case for galaxy s3 is Protective Survivor Case with Stand for SAMSUNG Galaxy S3, I got the gray one with white belt, it's a ideal S3 case for sport enthusiatst ... It spent me $35 on theideasforgift

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