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The Archos FamilyPad: a 13.3in tablet that's fun for the whole family

The Gadget Show  Wednesday 21 November 2012

The Archos FamilyPad: a 13.3in tablet that's fun for the whole family The Archos FamilyPad: a 13.3in tablet that's fun for the whole family

Archos has come up with a tablet that’s big enough for the whole family to gather around, so it’ll be perfect for large games of Angry Birds this Christmas.

The 13.3-inch FamilyPad has 10x multitouch support, so four people can get their sticky fingers on the screen at the same time, like a 21st century equivalent to playing board games at Crimbo. Or if you want to hark back to the classics, you can play the pre-installed digital board games, too.

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The FamilyPad isn’t going to give the high-flying Galaxy Tabs or iPads of this world a run for their money specs-wise though. The screen is 1,280×800-pixels, it has 8GB flash memory, a microSD slot, and 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU. If that 13.3-inch display isn’t big enough, an HDMI output lets you run movies to your telly. And there are front- and rear-cameras that are 2-megapixels each.

The tablet runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, can handle a variety of e-mail accounts for all the family, and is available for £274.99.

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