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Super skinny and more efficient Sony PlayStation 3 spotted

The Gadget Show  Tuesday 21 June 2011

Super skinny and more efficient Sony PlayStation 3 spotted

The current PlayStation 3 is already the underweight sibling when compared to the original PS3, but with the new Sony PlayStation Vita offering similar firepower in a much smaller package, there was room for even further weight savings. As such, the thinnest PS3 yet has been revealed in Japan.

Ever since the PS3 launched, it’s been getting smaller and smaller. The latest variant – spotted in Japan – weighs in at just 2.6kg, or around the same as most laptops, and measures 290×65 x 290mm. It’s not just the dimensions that are reduced either, as the latest PS3 also gets a cut in power consumption.

Becoming more environmentally friendly, the super-skinny PS3 sips just 200W of power – compared to 230W in outgoing models. That means you’ll be able to play it for even longer, without the cost mounting up!

Despite being thinner, lighter and more power efficient, the latest PS3 – with a model name of CECH-3000B – still manages to cram in a 320GB hard drive. It’s not all good, however, as you’ll be limited to 480i when watching Blu-ray movies using anything other than HDMI.

Are you tempted by a smaller design, or are you happy to hide your current PS3 behind the TV where nobody will see it? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.


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Hide my PS3 behind the TV?! My first generation lump takes prime position in my living room! :-D

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I think I'll keep my ps3 slim where it is, under the tv. I really don't see the point in the 30w less to be quite honest, on the electric rate I'm on, 15p per kilo watt an hour, I would have to play for 5 hours to save 15p. I'm happy the way mines is, playing games.

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