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Streamz: The smart headphones with built in Android unleashed

The Gadget Show  Friday 04 April 2014

Streamz: The smart headphones with built in Android unleashed

There are plenty of wireless headphones around – such as the Beats Studio Wireless headphones, but most come at a price: Start streaming music from your phone, and you’ll hammer the battery life, potentially leaving you contactless (perish the thought!). The new Streamz could be the perfect solution, as they’re the world’s first smart headphones, packing in Android, Wi-Fi and even their own storage. With Streamz, you literally don’t need anything else.

Streamz is currently a Kickstarter project, with the company behind it looking to raise $50,000 (£30,000) to turn the concept into a reality.

The Streamz headphones themselves look exactly like a regular pair of over-the-ear cans, but it’s the tech inside that’s truly impressive. Running Android, and boasting Wi-Fi, an integrated amp, microphone and rechargeable battery, it’s effectively a low power Google computer inside a pair of cans, without the screen.

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With other tech including a 48kHZ/16-bit DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), the Streamz headphones will be able to play CD quality music from its 4GB, 20GB or 36GB of integrated storage, from high-quality formats including FLAC, ALAC, WAV and even tracks worthy of the most demanding audiophile, with support for Pono files.

As the name cunningly hints, Streamz is also capable of streaming music, with a wide range of support for platforms like Pandora and Spotify, and you can even stream music from your own Google Drive account. With tunes also available from Streamz Music – the company’s own music store – you’ll never be left wanting.

The fact you can listen to music without needing other gadgets benefits more than just battery life, too. There’s no pairing to worry about, there’s no delay while you wait for devices to talk to each other – just switch on the Streamz and off you go. What’s not to like?

Make a pledge on Kickstarter to get your hands on a pair, with prices starting at $299 (£180). That’s $200 (£121) less than the expected retail price, so you really would be grabbing a bargain. Cough up $549 (£331) for the most expensive 36GB pair and you’ll also get an optional Bluetooth transmitter so you can stream from other devices like your TV. It’s pricey sure, but again considerably less than the expected $849 (£512) retail price.

We’d love to hear what you think though. Is this your ideal solution, or are you happy streaming from your phone?

Can’t wait? Beats Studio Wireless headphones hit the UK!


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