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Star Wars Force Trainer mind game

The Gadget Show  Friday 11 September 2009

Star Wars Force Trainer mind game Feel the force, Luuuuuke.

As every good Jedi in training knows, the key to building your powers is practice, practice, practice. Obviously you can’t spend every day down the academy, but thanks to the Force Trainer you can now put in the hours at home instead.

The game involves trying to move a ball using the power of your mind – literally. The three EEG sensors strapped to your head monitor and read brain activity and these signals are then used to operate the game.

The more you concentrate, the higher you’ll be able to levitate the Training Sphere up the Training Tower. There are 15 levels to progress through on your journey from paltry Padawan to Jedi Master.

If that’s not enough, there are some good old Star Wars sound effects thrown in for good measure. To get a head start on your fellow Jedi in waiting, snap up the Force Trainer now for £99.95 from


Star Wars, Force Trainer

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i think this gadget is really good but if you are not that rich then it costs too much so if they could make it £60 then it be perfect but i had lots of money then i would be buy it. Also gadget show is ace however i have been entering the competitions sinse the the begining of all of the series but it is still the best show ever and if you could gadget show i would love an email from you because i would love to be able to write to a celeb

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I used this for a week. I fancied doing the Darth Vader death choke... but i found i get the same effect with an egg curry.

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