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Sony PS4: Super powered specs revealed!

The Gadget Show  Friday 02 November 2012

Sony PS4: Super powered specs revealed!

We’ve still heard no official line on when we can expect to see a PlayStation 4 or PS4, but a new report this week gives us some juicy details on the fabled next-gen console, straight from the developers making games for it. Read on to find out just what to expect.

According to VG247’s sources, Sony has begun issuing game developers with a new version of its “Orbis” development kit, which gives some idea of what the final hardware inside the PS4 will be like. Inside, it’ll be powered by an AMD processor and graphics, and paired with a beefy 8 or 16GB of memory, and be capable of playing games in full HD 3D, at a smooth and flicker-free 60 frames per second.

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Despite Sony’s purchase of cloud game streaming service Gaikai earlier this year, the new PS4 will still have a Blu-ray disc drive for games and movies, and it’ll come with 256GB of storage for your downloads and films as standard.

The current PS4 Orbis dev kit also supposedly shows off some of the software we can expect to see on the final product. That would appear to include an updated XMB interface, as well as smart multi-tasking, so that you can press the PS button on a gamepad and jump to any other app or service, then dive right back in.

The Sony PS4 is expected to be announced just before E3 next year (in June), so we’d expect to hear lots more about it before then. In the meantime, let’s; hear your thoughts in the comments below. Is this the next-gen console to go for?

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with memory so cheap, why not shove 64Gb of Ram in it? and why not a 2TB storage? seems it will be left behind before its released

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the reason not a 2tb hard drive it will put the cost up of the console when you could just buy a 2tb hard drive and place it in play station your self. for the ram no game will go up to 32 gigabytes of ram or 16 gigabytes of ram

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as for the ram i think the reason they upping the ram is if you read the review it says u can open over apps etc while still ingame you require ram to open these ever wondered why ur laptop slows wen ur have 10/15 pages of internet/diff apps etc agreed iv the hd's i think 500gb will keep wiv the times and run intels wiv nvidias theyre waaaay better :) sounds epic tho

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I'd say it'll come out in late 2013.

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The real issue for me is the processing power of the system itself. Working in a high technology area I cannot see how the proposed APU is adequate for a 10 year lifecyle. Maybe 5 years but with the rate of development it will be a poor relative to the PC within a year. From the information I can gather it isn't even a performance leader at the moment in terms of processing power, price maybe. I have bought Playstations since their creation however, if the current one is not the technology leader on launch I will not be buying, I will turn to the Microsoft XBox equivalent. Another issue I have is that because the processor is so different all my current PS3 games will not be supported by the new system. This may be the reason Sony bought techcology in online game hosting. I see two major issues. The first being the cost of the hosting the games I already purchased and the cost of buying the new platform. The second being the internet infrastructure. Latency times on the internet is variable and it is this time that kills fast pace games. It not pure bandwidth. I will be really interested to see how this develops.

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I agree with the last processing power will be the issue. Albeit also that games may at the current standard not use a large amount of RAM, the way things are going with the app based culture a system may need extra RAM if they are going to multitask in the background with HD gaming. Therefore do the American thing and plan big. @danielstride

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256gb would suggest a solid state harddrive

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you could built a half decent gaming PC for the price it'll come out at, and y would u need 64Gb of ram?????? or 2TB storage, console gaming in turning into a media center, dual screen would be cool tho and possibly a better WiFi card. i don't see the point in bring a new ps4 out wen all games to date don't even use the full paternal of the hardware. by the looks of thing consoles are turning into a gimic, stick wid pc gaming me thinks

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So the processing will be done with an amd chip and gfx processor? well if that is the case id like to see at least a 4 core cpu with the latest possible gfx processor in there along with this 16gb of ram they are talking about. Personally I think 32 or 64 gb of ram would actually be adequate rather than 8 or 16 mainly to give the system future proof gaming. Who knows what games may be coming out in 5 or 6 years time they might require huge processing power.

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this is awesome. ps4 is dued out dec 2013!

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Imagine a pure glass shell console with palm sized glass tablet control's,that looks like clear glass until powered up ,and fit seemlessly to your hands that don't just interact with the console but do all the things a tablet can do at present, it could be all done easily with the technology we have already , but would look and feel so much more special sitting under a new 60 inch super slim / smart tv than plastic ones today ... I'm there already _zzZzzz (in my dreams)

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I'll believe it when I see it!

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Looks good

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The ps4 sounds awesome. Alot of people out there criticising a product they don't know anything about yet but guess there's always one. I don't care about all this technical talk we all know the ps4 won't let us down like all their other consoles have never let us down. But I do think if the ps4 do not get with the times and introduce dual gaming like the xbox has then it will be a real disappointment and will quickly fall behind Microsoft and other competitors so if there's anyone from Sony listening pull your finger out and make sure dual gaming is there don't you dare leave it out like you did on the ps3. Ive been loyal to Sony despite this however I will pack my bags and o to xbox if this cool perk isnt included....

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Ps. Hahah no pun intended there! Ps make sure your consoles affordable and you don't over price the ps4. And don't embaress yourselves this time Sony by letting the evil xbox beat you to the punch with an early release date.

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kamil ogrodowicz

@vass memory isnt cheap and also depending on the ddr if its ddr2 its fair in price around £20 for 4gb so 64gb is alot of money also once you have 12gb of ram theres hardly no diffrence.... maybe like 10fps also you need gameing ram for the diffrence like vengeance which is 8gb for £50-70 i know this because i built my own system.

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Scott Wilson

Ok Duel Gaming isnt something i would be intrested in, i dont know anyone that uses it on there xbox so i think the money could be spent on something better. The Cpu and Gpu are more important they need to make the xbox look like a push cart trying to race a lambo. If they can do this then the xbox wont stand a chance. I my self being a PC user and a PS player Knows that Microsoft really are utter pants, MS windows is a terrible peace of software at the best of times how the hell have they managed to produce the xbox i dont know, but then again they did blow up alot. The Xbox also targeted the Kids with flashing lights and bass giving them a head start on there 360 but the more educated player went for the PS3, Why? Ill tell ya why, becoz most PS3 owners had jobs and didnt have the mental age of a root vegtable, they didnt need the flashing lights they didnt need the swanky looking interface they just wanted games on a hd tv and too boot they got a blueray with it. The PS4/Orbis/Dream/6ft swedish blond named cherry... Must beat the xbox in every way this time round, it must be the vayron to a ford cortina, it must have better grafix better sound better smell and most importantly be cheaper even if its only by a single £1, if they can do this the xbox might be bashed back under the rock it came from.Its not going to be hard to beat the new xbox as you wont have to give away a fire blanket with every sale. One thing that could win it for the PS4 and would utterly smash xbox and Microsoft is for sony to team up with Apple to make the hole in the pie that was in that film alot sweeter, lol

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Surprised to see an optical drive, I thought we were done with filling the land with little plastic circles.

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Scott, if sony teamed up with apple then there is no chance they could make it cheaper than the xbox as apple seem to have to add £300 to anything they make just to put their logo on it.

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tariq yusuf

firstly this artuicle gives no proof on the specs and sony hasnt mentioned anything as yet also why wiould u wanna play games made or older consoles on a new one u buy a ps4 to play ps4 games not to play ps3 otherwise its a waste. my cousin had the ps1 then got a ps2 and he nver played his ps1 games on the ps2 and the reason it wont have 16gb cuz itll be pointless more ram wont mean faster unless u use most of it and for a console 8gb is probably an overkill already. but dont beleive this cuz it cyuld be fake like this one person did

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You haven't got the ps4 controller picture?!! WOW! I thought you'd be up to speed.

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Yeah it sopposedly has a tutch screen on its but it has no screen on its

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Can't wait to play it

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