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Sony introduces PlayStation Pass system to its gaming network

The Gadget Show  Thursday 07 July 2011

Sony introduces PlayStation Pass system to its gaming network

It’s been a difficult time for Sony and users of the Sony PlayStation Network recently, but now the service is back online the Japanese company has been looking at ways to change the way online games are played. With an online pass system in the offing, gamers may not be happy with the changes.

We’ve already seen online pass systems implemented by games developers, including EA Sports, but now Sony has introduced its own system – the PlayStation Pass. You’ll basically get a code when you buy a new game – the first to feature PlayStation pass technology being Resistance 3 – unlocking online gaming when you sign into your PlayStation account.

This works well enough when you’re buying a new title, but consumers look likely to get the rough end of the stick when they’re buying second-hand games, as the PlayStation Pass system means a game is only playable with the account it’s activated with.

As such, if you buy second-hand games, it’s looking increasingly likely that you’ll have to buy an additional code if you want to play multi-player games online.

At present, Resistance 3 is the only title to take advantage of the PlayStation Pass, but it seems like only a matter of time before others follow suit.


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I don't really have a problem with this, I think having a pass is a good way to decrease used games sales which are bringing the industry down.

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max aldous

your not a game designer by any chance are u darren

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WHAT! Darren, you are off your trolley... How does 2nd hand games bring down the industry... IT actually HELPS!! Without second hand games buyers.. the people who buy games "first hand" wont be able to make that quick buck... Without which... where will they get money to buy more NEW games!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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i think this is a great idea. Companies like Game, Gamestation, HMV etc profit from second hand game sales where none of the money goes to the people who created the game in the first place. if that trend continues then there wont be any more games because all the production houses will go bust. at least this way people can still get games abit cheaper but the people who created them will also get their fair share too.

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This is a bad idea as this will stop people from being able to rent games from rental companys. Not everyone has the money to pay for games brand new at the amount they charge.. The game companys are still making money on second hand games as someone has already paid the full price for the game in the first place and then traded it in... If Sony do this I beleve they will loose out on a lot of people they have already lost out on people because of the hacking... Just keep it free and stop trying to recover your lost money...

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Not a good idea. The market for second hand games is huge not just stores like Gamestation, HMV etc but also ebay and other auction/classified sites and it could alienate a lot of players. How many people have bought a PS3 from ebay with a huge collection of games with it. With this idea, not only would they have to purchase the PS3/Games to begin with, if they wanted to take advantage of online gaming, they then would have to shell out again for the privilidge. And that could put people off buying a PS3 in the first place. The idea could work if the games were not so expensive in the first place, but as they cost £40 to £50 for a new game, then the secondhand market for games will continue to grow. Or if a new licence was to cost a couple of pounds. And as for saying none of the money goes to the people who created the games, it is the same for ANYTHING you buy secondhand. If you buy a secondhand Samsung TV does Samsung get any profit from the deal... no, thats just the way of the world. And they do get profit anyway ... someone has to buy the game first to then sell it secondhand. All in all I think its a bad idea.

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For God Sake!!! are you people stupid??? the gaming industry makes more money than music and film put together!!!

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for the people who say this is a great idea think of it this way..... if people are going to pay for a game which is on console ( retail around £40 - £50 ) and not be able to trade it in for another game, how long do you think it will be between buying games? .... i will always stick with pc games as they are cheaper from the start anyway, also if sony does this, how many people with stop using ps3's and move over to the 360? i for one have a ps3 and if this comes out then i will get a 360, paying for online gaming is fine for £30 a year, but looking at the average game resleases a year ps then it really is worth it as most ps3 games are on xbox not to mention the fact xbox exclusive games are better than ps3 exclusive and xbox has more 4 player split screen games than ps3 so what stopping people form doing this?, ps3 sales will plummet now and most people will be going to the 360... so if you want a cheap ps3 wait a few months and youll get one as people will want rid!... so yeah simple point, they impliment this into there games then they will lose out more and also the game developers will aswell. so they will be making more money leaving it as is or lose money changing it.

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There's a couple of things to think about here. 1. The games rental market will be badly damaged, as renters won't be able to play online - that's 1 revenue stream which will become lost to Sony and the developers eventually. 2. What if your playstation breaks? 3. Or, as Sony keeps introducing new ones, what happens if you upgrade to a Slim, or A.N. Other version? Will I be blocked from playing my own games online, on my own system unless I fork out again for a new license? Or will it be logged against my cloud based account on the Playstation Network? 4. (this is just to point out an error in someone's logic earlier) The second hand market does make Game/HMV, etc money, granted - but they also pay the person who brought it in money or credit too! They don't just appear on their shelves for free.... Equally, by the same logic, if someone took a CD or Blu-ray to a friends house to watch, or chose to sell it on... should the new owner fork over some money to the artist/production house before they can use it? It's the same logic, but the 'profit' is made on the original sale, re-sale isn't the same thing. 5. Do you think it might just work that Sony will be able to provide authorised re-sellers with fresh access codes for second hand buyers to use? In a recent games launch, Sony had forgotten to provide codes inside the games themselves for a limited edition version. So they just gave the retailers a list of codes and told them to give them out to people at point of sale.

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This comment has been removed.

Trev Bain

is a stupid idea. Bad company has similar. If you have a several accounts on a system only the one who activates can gain the content, leaving the game pretty much useless for any other user. Is rubbish. So you expect me to pay 40pounds for a game and only I can use it and no one else in my household! Think PSN has problems now? See what happens to sales once they introduce this.

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Yea this dosn't bother me. I always like "new" things and i don't think ive baught anything second hand. I just couldn't be bothered with the hastle if the item was scratched, broken or whatever and trieing to explain that to the seller? It'll probibly be like the Battlefield Bad Comany 2 where its an idevidual piece of paper in the instruction book wich im sure half of gamers don't reed. As well as not buying second hand items i don't sell them because of the stupid price you get for them so well just need to not loose the papers inside the box wich ive done on a couple of occasions.

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This type of "pass" system is the one of the ways the gaming industry will seriously miss out on , if more companies looked at the way valve did portal 2 then they may be on with a winner if you buy a new copy of the game they give you a code to get a free copy for your PC/ Mac as well, thus effectively thanking the gamer with a second copy for another device. what sony are proposing is to penalise buyers of second hand tiles but not thanking those who do buy new, also i think this is beyond poorly timed as we are still in the economic downturn so we cannot afford £50 a game hence why many of us go second hand in the first place

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stupid idea. most people that play ps3 have other users on their console and all users play online. It's unfair if one user gets free online while the others have to pay

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complete idiots the most stupid thing they can come up with, I buy games new all the time but other people who cannot buy 2nd hand games and if they have to spend extra on a license to play online sony will lose out as these people will buy an xbox instead sony needs to stop trying to make their money back so suddenly and abruptly

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This is such a stupid idea. I buy new games, but also like to find a bargain on eBay. I've bought many games (Such as Killzone 2) for £3-£5 and they're saying that I'll have to pay a fee on top of that to get online? It then definitely won't be worth the purchase and what they fail to see is that if I hadn't got KZ2 for so cheap then I would never have gotten into the series and ordered the special edition of Killzone 3, losing them sales in the long run. This will do nothing but harm the industry and is yet another example of Sony not taking their users into account. I can understand that running servers for multiplayer is not cheap, but then neither are the games in the first place. People will inevitably find a way to crack/hack this to be free so once again the only person losing out is the paying customer - Such as Ubisoft games that require an active internet connection to the Ubi servers, when the servers crashed/ users had internet problems, they couldn't even play offline yet the hacked/pirated versions played fine.

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This is a bad, but necessary step. This isn't the worst however-your playstation could validate the copy and send a new ID. The worst(so far) is, correct me if I'm wrong, capcom's street fighter 3D-On that there's only one save. Ever. Internet validition cannot be countered with "but what if you have no internet?" if you have no internet, why do you want to play online?

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