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Smaller, budget Apple iPad 2 set to launch?

The Gadget Show  Friday 02 March 2012

Smaller, budget Apple iPad 2 set to launch?

On March 7th Apple is expected to unveil the next generation of its iPad tablet. As anticipation brews a new report claims that Apple will, in addition to an iPad successor, also reveal a cheaper, smaller 7.85-inch iPad. Should it happen, a cheaper Apple tablet could wipe the floor with its competitors, including the Amazon Kindle Fire – one of its main rivals in the US, and the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom over here.

The report from Digitimes says that Apple’s iPad supply chain has already started delivering samples of 7.85-inch iPads ahead of a launch.

Apple iPad 3 set for March 7th launch

Digitimes believes that it’s all part of Apple’s plan to take on Amazon’s Kindle Fire – priced in the US at $199. The 7.85-inch iPad is tipped to cost from $249-299 – putting it well within sight of Amazon’s tablet.

Apple is also being tipped to launch a cheaper iPad 2 for around $349, as Apple continue to face increasing competition from a growing army of tablets, many of which offer more features than any iPad available. Not to mention the incoming threat posed by Microsoft, who already have plans to unleash its own Microsoft Windows 8 tablets.

Thankfully there isn’t too long to wait now. In just five days time we’ll see just what Apple has up its sleeves if it is to maintain its position as the leading tablet maker.

Would you purchase a budget Apple iPad? Let us know.

Apple iPad 3 set for March 7th launch


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I wouldn't buy a budget iPad unless it got rid of really exsesive things that nobody will use but I want the full iPad, not some cheap nock off. I like it to have everything and not to be a cheap tablet, like the kindle fire

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