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Simply stunning Samsung 55-inch Super OLED TV

The Gadget Show  Tuesday 10 January 2012

Simply stunning Samsung 55-inch Super OLED TV

CES 2012 and Samsung has unveiled the next iteration of its award winning OLED TVs in the form of the 55-inch Samsung Super OLED TV. Already in the running for Best of Innovations Award at this year’s show, it’s an example of TVs we’ll all be wanting later this year.

LG got the jump on Samsung by announcing it’s own 55-inch Super OLED TV last week but with the Samsung version being produced from a single pane of glass this is the one we’ve all been waiting for.

LG’s mammoth 55-inch OLED TV is the world’s largest

The Samsung Super OLED offers response times over 1,000 times faster than LED, virtually eliminating motion blur even in the fastest-moving scenes. Because Super OLED technology features self-emitting RGB sub-pixels, which do not require a backlight, the TV weighs significantly less than a standard LED TV.

If you’re wondering why Super OLED technology is the next-generation in terms of picture quality, it’s because OLED eliminates the need for a colour filter as the OLED pixel unit consists of RGB sub-pixels, each emitting its own light. The technology is able to differentiate varying degrees of blacks and shadows, so you’ll be able to see who’s standing in the shadows of any shot onscreen.

Other technologies tucked away inside the Super OLED panel include a new version of Smart Hub, Samsung Smart Interaction, voice and gesture controls and even 3D Ready support.

Pricing has yet to be announced but you can be sure you won’t find this at the bargain-price end of the spectrum but with this much tech on offer, it’s worth saving now as the Samsung Super OLED TV will be out later this year!

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