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Samsung set to overtake Nokia in 2012

The Gadget Show  Wednesday 11 January 2012

Samsung set to overtake Nokia in 2012

Nokia might have had its troubles in recent years – not least the emergence of the iPhone and Google’s Android platform – but it’s still the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. That could finally be set to change in 2012, though, if you believe Samsung.

The Korean company is now the biggest technology company in the world, and a healthy chunk of its business comes from smartphone sales. With phones like the Samsung Galaxy S 2 selling like hotcakes in 2011, the South Korean giant is confident that 2012 will see it snatching the number one spot that Nokia has held for 14 years.

You might wonder how Nokia has stayed in such a commanding position for so long given the strength of the smartphone competition – but you’d be looking at the wrong end of the market, not to mention in the wrong countries. While Nokia has certainly begun to fight back against the iPhone and Android through phones like the Nokia Lumia 800, that’s not where its current strength lies.

Rather, the Finnish company continues to be brilliant at producing solid and affordable feature phones – simpler mobile phone handsets (a bit like the ones we used to use in the mid noughties) as opposed to advanced smartphones. Nokia has a particular stranglehold in developing countries, whose upwardly mobile citizens love their mobile tech but can’t afford high-end devices like the iPhone 4S.

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That stranglehold is slowly being loosened, however. As reported by Reuters not only are Samsung’s smartphone sales going through the roof, it’s also rapidly gaining a foothold in emerging markets with its feature phones.

Samsung already reckons it’s overtaken Nokia in terms of revenue – now it’s out to surpass it in terms of units shifted. Most analysts still think that Nokia will hold out for another year at least though – especially as most of us in smartphone-mad regions are totally skint.

What do you think? Will Samsung overtake Nokia in 2012, or is Nokia on the road to recovery? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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I think if Nokia's Windows Phones perform well then they could last another year, but if not then no

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Maybe thay should try android on there phones.......... I would have a nokia n8 or another top phone from them if it had android.

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I agree with Colin, if they had android on their phones, I would not hesitate to buy a phone from them in the future. But as it is, Samsung seems to have the best balance of tech, durability and ease of use. Unfortunately I can't see Nokia adopting Android in the near future as they seem quite stuck with Windows. :/

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how about a collaberation between anroid and windows

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