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Portable record player nails retro charm

The Gadget Show  Friday 16 April 2010

Portable record player nails retro charm Crosley record player – retro tunes

The Crosley CR6002A portable record player might confuse some younger, MP3-loving members of society, and even those who know what a record player looks like might be a little puzzled by this piece of retro kit.

Yes, it’s a tiny, portable piece of kit to play your records wherever you are. Now, you’re going to look a tad odd spinning your single disc on the bus in the morning, but the Crosley does make having record player that you can take to your mates house for a playing session a whole lot easier than lugging round a traditional player.

The real draw is the USB port – so making analogue to digital copies of you and your mates vinyl is a breeze. There’s also dual headphone jacks, dynamic full-range stereo speakers and a carrying case.

The CR6002A is on sale now and clocks in at $150.


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Great news, time to dust off the 12" singles and disco suit......hold on....what's a USB?

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Ashleigh Ridgewell

Whats the point of bringing it out, I mean because there is already a vintage disk player it is just like it is a technology that should have been about 10-20 years ago still it is more compact and cheaper than the older vintage cd players.

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This is nothing new- it's not far off an exact copy of Audio Technica's Soundburger/Mr. Disc from the early 80s. This was later followed by Dual with their PRP 5. Its real roots however are in the Baird Emerson Wondergram, built in London in 1960. However, if you want to check out the pinnacle of portable turntable design and technology, check out the Sony PS-F5 and PS-F9. Also sold in the early 90s, these devices packed a huge number of features into a tiny case. Check out if you'd like to read more about it. Cheers C*

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does anyone know where I can buy a sony f5 portable record player, or similar? any advice would be appreciated

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