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Pick up a Penguin...

Fwd Tech  Monday 20 April 2009

Pick up a Penguin... Festo's Aqua Penguin: more clever than Pingu and most Big Brother contestants

Remember those weird intelligent robot Jelly Fish we brought you in the last series of the Gadget Show? Well, the guys behind the Aqua Jelly, Festo, are at it again, this time bringing us the Aqua Penguin.

That’s right. The latest weird and wonderful creation from Festo, the Aqua Penguin, is unnervingly realistic. It’s fully autonomous, so there’s no need for a remote control. It’s hydro-dynamic, with its head and tail and wing propulsion able to move in all directions. This allows the penguin to move in small places, and unlike the real thing, it can swim backwards!

These robot penguins also have a 3D sonar system (similar to that used by real-life dolphins) so it can “communicate” with its environment and avoid crashing into surrounding objects. And you thought the chocolate-covered biscuits were the best penguins ever. Shame on you…


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cool, great idea! but the thing i dont get is Why do it???

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Where can you get them and for how much and price for the air penguins

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well if u can make 2 big flyin one u cud make lots of littler ones which wud be kwl

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defently want these for my swimming pool!!!!

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This would be a cool way to rescue people in choppy seas, or to ferry supplies to sub-marine habitats, like food, clothes, fresh air!

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what's the point?

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Olivia Moran

They look SO cool! But why do they make them? They don't really need to be invented do they?

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