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Panasonic's 103in plasma goes 3D

The Gadget Show  Thursday 18 November 2010

Panasonic's 103in plasma goes 3D The biggest 3D telly in the world

Panasonic’s range-topping 103in plasma monster made quite the impression when it was first unleashed back in 2006.

Over and above the £50K-odd asking price, Panny famously suggested budgeting about the same again for transport and installation – no surprise, since for most of us we’d have to knock down whole walls just to get the thing into the house.

Four years later, Panasonic has gone and upped the ante by adding the major new technology to have emerged in the years since – 3D.

Comfortably the biggest 3D home cinema screen you’re ever likely to come across, the TH-P103MT2 has just gone up for pre-order in Japan, where it’s been pegged at the equivalent of £65,000. No word yet of a UK launch, however.

In case you’re interested, aside from larger-than-life 3D images, this 321kg beast also sports full HD resolution – naturally – a quoted 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio and a quartet of HDMI ports.

While we’re not going to quibble about value – at £65K that ship has long since sailed – we do take slight offence that the asking price includes just a single pair of 3D glasses. Somehow we doubt throwing in another pair would eat too heavily into Panasonic’s profits.


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Nice that it is, how can anyone justify spending that amount on one TV! not only could you get several Full HD projectors at a fraction of the price but haven't Panasonic developed Ultra HD which produces 4 times the clarity of Full HD! I realise that this unit will appeal to the super rich and will probably appear in a future episode of MTV cribs at some point (providing you have decent walls to hang this monster on safely) but the majority will go for a top spec projector and screen and a life times supply of 3D blu rays for alot less well earned cash. Happy selling Panasonic

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Steve Cansdale

So, has someone produced a 3D projector suitable for use in a home theatre yet? If so, who and how much?

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