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One in four iPhone owners are living with a broken screen!

The Gadget Show  Thursday 07 February 2013

One in four iPhone owners are living with a broken screen!

Are you rocking an iPhone with a shattered display? It turns out you’re not alone: as many as a quarter of iPhone owners keep on trucking with a broken screen.

We all dread that moment when our smartphone tumbles out of our hands and slaps onto the floor. Is it working? Has it shattered? You don’t need us to tell you it happens a lot, but you might be surprised at how many people shrug it off and live with the consequences.

A huge one in four iPhone owners are currently using their handset with a smashed screen, according to a study by which polled over 2,000 iPhone users from around the UK. From the poll, a large number of iPhone users don’t deem a broken screen a good enough reason to get their phone sent away and fixed.

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Of the people with busted iPhones, the average length of the time they’d put up with the issue for was for six months, with the top excuse being that they simply ‘haven’t got round to it’. A further third admitted that they ‘probably wouldn’t bother’ getting their screen fixed.

Surprised by the numbers? Is your iPhone in pristine condition, or are you dealing with a broken screen too? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Adam Rowe

When I first got an iPhone I was really carful with it, after about 6 months I didn't care so much as its just a phone still I've never broken it and I throw it around all the time. My brother got an iPhone and his screen smashed, it still works perfect, I've even found an iPhone with a broken screen that's been run over by a car and it still worked amazingly. iPhone = faultless

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Avadhesh Bagla

Yes i am 1 in d 4 who rocking d iphone with a broken screen though my crack is right near d home button n i would say screen is effected by may be less than 5percent so not complaining, although resale value is where ill b hit i guess!

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When my fiancee got a 24 month contract, she got a brand new iPhone 3GS. 10 days later, she dropped it while trying to stop our now 4 year old daughter from falling over outside the front door and it ended up with one large crack on a 40 degree angle from top to bottom. She wasn't happy at first but she's still using it now and she forgets the crack is there. Any time I've said I could replace it for her, she just shrugs it off. Now she's due an upgrade in 2 months but Im not going to recommend her getting another iPhone lol

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Duncan Blackwell

I've had a rugger case on my iPhone 4 from the day I bought it, it's still in mint condition

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@Adam Rowe The iPhone isn't so faultless if the screen smashes really easily...

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Ken Frederick

I dropped my Iphone4 by accident when it slipped out of the top of the leather flip case which I have now binned , it landed front down on the floor and shattered the front screen, I rang my service provider to tell the tale and was informed the cost to repair was £420.00!!!! I rejected the extortionate cost and found a company in Southport that replaced the front screen with a genuine Apple part and gave me a six months guarantee in less than an hour whilst I ate breakfast in a cafe across the road. The Cost?? £60.00 Result!

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I have a 4GS. Straight after buying it and seeing your program. I bought a Lifeproof case for it. It was £50 at the time. Which I thought was expensive. Now around £30. It's a great bit if kit. I work outside a lot. And this case is great. I've dropped it from about 5 feet and it just bounced. Just got back from skiing with it as well. If your not fussed that the case is not the current trend I recommend getting it. It's cheaper than a new screen.

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