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Nokia Lumia 610: budget Windows Phone set for MWC 2012?

The Gadget Show  Wednesday 15 February 2012

Nokia Lumia 610: budget Windows Phone set for MWC 2012?

Nokia is planning to raise the bar for entry-level smartphones by releasing a cheap Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone exclusively with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) in mind. Such a move would fit into Nokia’s plans to put the latest Nokia handsets into younger hands and eat into the audiences of both Android and iOS devices.

Up to now, Nokia’s Lumia range has been at the higher end of the smartphone scale. A cheap Windows Phone with all the trimmings, at a lower price could be enough to tempt potential customers away from the growing number of budget Android smartphones such as the HTC Wildfire S now popping up in stores.

Nokia Lumia 800 white edition out this March

It is believed that the Nokia Lumia 610 will be a Pay As You Go exclusive, competitively priced, but bringing with it many of the high end features seen in the Nokia Lumia 800. There are two things that could happen.

A stripped-down Windows Phone experience could either diminish the the brands premium feel, or enhance its popularity through increased availability. Nokia clearly believes the latter, as Windows Phone has yet to enjoy the user base that Android and Apple’s iOS operating system currently enjoy. Getting the OS into more hands would definitely help achieve that goal.

It’s a contrasting strategy to Apple’s premium brand ethos. Apple has yet to release a budget oriented device, and has displayed little intention to do so. As for the Nokia Lumia 610, we’ll bring you more information as we hear it.

Would a budget Windows Phone tempt you into ditching Android or iOS? Let us know what you think by leaving a Comment below.

LG Miracle Windows phone with NFC exposed


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I have the iPhone 4S and having had it for three months i really wish i had been able to try the Nokia Lumia. I'm not sure if it had been released then, I think it probarly had but having seen it, it looks like a cleaner, fresher more modern phone on the outside and the Windows phone OS looks the same. I would hapily pay the same amount for one of theese as i did for my iPhone (around £35 a month and £189 at the start) however windows phone lacks in the apps side of things, with limited games and much less of the other apps. The major beninfits of Windows Phone are Microsoft office as on my iPhone i have to use Docs To Go as Microsoft have only released Word Excel and Powerpoint in the U.S. in 21 months i will have a tricky decision as if a new Nokia Lumia is released along with a new iPhone and the Windows Phone has a lot more apps i wont have an easy chice but possible if the lumia was 3D and iPhone wasn't i'd difinately pick the Lumia. Another point is that my iPhone is comapatible with my iPad and Mac and i dont have a windows tablet and i dont really want to pay out for one. Otherwise it depends how apple develop the iPhone 5

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