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New iPad with insane storage costs as much as a MacBook Air

The Gadget Show  Tuesday 29 January 2013

New iPad with insane storage costs as much as a MacBook Air

No, no, the iPad hasn’t gotten any faster, bigger or thinner: instead, just like we heard yesterday, Apple has upped the storage space on its slate to a whopping 128GB – along with an equally large price tag.

Unless you have mountains of music, video and apps, you might struggle to fill the whole 128GB, but Apple’s not just targeting home surfers with this slate: it’s aiming at professional designers and producers as well, whose files can eat up space in no time at at all.

New iPad mini incoming: Is a retina display on the way?

Available from 5 February in either the black or white, the standard Wi-Fi 128GB new iPad model will set you back £649, whilst the iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular will cost an eye-watering £739, not to mention a data plan on top of that which makes it nearly the same price as a MacBook Air.

Do you need an enormous amount of space on your iPad, or is this just a bit too much? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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John Higham

Lets hope, price gouging aside, this is an indication that 128Gb iPhones might be on the cards in their next update. I have a 100Gb+ music library in iTunes and I'd love to have my entire collection with me without resporting to cloud based compromises that require unlimited data bandwidth or Wi-Fi.

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Kallum Smart

It is way too much when the only difference is a change in storage!!. No wonder I hear Apple are losing millions of pounds because they are doing really silly mistakes. My advice is to give iPad a rest on new versions and looks towards nicer software for least a year and then come out with one that has a major difference to the one before it.

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It still surprises me how many people still pay for this. I always imagine what else I could buy for that amount... E.g. a damn good laptop. or even more awesome tower. I design and I can tell you Apple have no advantage if you set up your computer correctly. (The advantage they held was colour realism but that is no longer the case if you set up a computer correctly.

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Laurie hughes

As a apple user, iPad, iPhone, and apple tv, I will not be buying anymore apple products, I think prices now are getting stupid and there are cheaper options available, I will be trying android next. The days of apple plucking a price out of the air because they know they can command that ate gone, they now have better competition .

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peiter lockwood

why havent they learnt yet people would just rather have the option to insert a memory card and increse storage that way no wonder apple as lost its market place they are not coming up with anything new or outstanding same old stuff with a simple make over you would have thought they had learned with the drop in iphone sales

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Tony black

Why worry about how much it's simple to avoid those hefty costs, purchase a seagate portable hard drive that creates its own wi-fi, download the app from the App Store and hey presto a massive 500gb of space on top of the 64gb you already got. I got all the space for films , music, photos & documents you could ever want. The added bonus is the hard drive has a built in battery that can last upto 5 hours, plenty of time for those long journeys.

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Andy Gilbert

At the moment for me 64GB is fine, plus like Tony I have the Seagate Wi-Fi drive. But I can imagine people who are heavily into films and music would find the extra capacity useful. My music library is about 34GB at the moment, and until I transferred it over to my iPhone it meant my 64Gb iPad had only about 10GB spare. Not much room for films etc. Whilst it would be convenient if the iPad accepted SD cards for file transfer it isn't really a good solution for permanent storage. Speed and reliability are 2 disadvantages for me, though costs are obviously lower. Some of the comments above, got to say guys some of you are really missing the point. A desktop computer for example, is absolutely no use to me at all on the road, nor is your average laptop. Price wise, from where I'm looking Apple prices are either staying the same or becoming slightly cheaper, yet specs are hugely improving. The original iPad and the iPad4 are worlds apart in real world performance. Yet the iPad4 was the first point at which I thought it was worthwhile to upgrade. I can't really understand people knocking the incremental upgrades. This is exactly how the PC market has evolved for 30 years or so. If you're always waiting for a better model to come out you'll never buy anything. Also, it's the ever increasing demands of software that renders a machine obsolete, not newer models or people's misguided opinions.

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